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Kita appeared in the rec room sitting in a chair with her back to the group of angels. Baby Doll was behind her looking confused. Kita waved at her not to worry. Before Kita could turn around Spike noticed Baby Doll.

"Who are you...And more importantly who's in the chair?"

Kita slowly spun around. "You had to ask, Love?"

Spike sighed. "Hi, Mom. Are you here to upset us some more?"

"I would never do that," Kita smiled. "The nice woman behind me is Baby Doll. I found her this morning while inspecting the troops. She's a formidable fighter and lots of leadership experience to boot. To top it off she's a Legion colonist, so listen when she speaks."

Kita looked at Ruby and then Megan, both looked like the world had crashed in on them. "So, Nell tells me she had some constructive conversations with you all? I'm sorry, but she's the next best psychologist we have."

"Oh, it's been a real slagging blast," Tenshi interrupted angrily. "I nearly pulled out my iron and blew my brains out. I've never heard so much whining over nothing."

"We've got ligament complaints," Ruby fired back from Diamond's arms.

"No you don't," Tenshi snarled back, "and neither does she. You bitch like Kita took everything from you. Please tell me what she took? Because I don't see she's taken anything. The crying buzzard back there still has her islands and control over them. Slag, Kita gave her more people and the greatest engineering project we've got. To top it off Kita gave her a pet human boy toy. So, what's she crying over? Kita threatened her? Oh, no, not that. Not something Kita's done to just about everyone. Oh, I forgot the wicked bitch of the west thinks she's above that."

"Hey, don't you speak to her that way," Ruby snarled sticking up for Megan.

"And what about you?" Tenshi yelled. "What's your hang up? You're pissed off at Snowy for ripped your heart out and making it her lunch. So what? Kita could have left you to do die, and then you wouldn't have slag to care about. You should be jumping for joy that Kita thought enough of you to bring you back. What your sorry ass needs to be doing is hunting down that baby's family and apologizing to them for being such a stuck up, whiny bitch. Because they're the ones who've lost everything, not you, not her, them.

Neither one of you has lost anything at the hands of Kita. You've only gained. I lost everything at the hands of Kita, my mother, my son, bloody slagging fire, even who I look like. I stand in front of a mirror and don't recognize myself. So, when you can look me in the face and tell me you've lost everything, then you can bitch. Until then, grow the slag up. We don't need any more bitching birds, we need angels." The tracker angel turned and looked at Baby Doll. "I hope your ears are clean, Baby Doll. Don't follow these two or you'll find yourself in a pricker patch."

"What did you gain?" Baby Doll asked. "I mean, what kept you in Kita's group? If I'd lost everything to her I'd be out for revenge, not fighting for her."

"I stuck around because there was nowhere else to go. You don't get to chose to be an angel and there's strength in numbers. I got a new life, a better one. I have a partner who cares about me and I love her. I have a job I love. I get to hunt and kill when I want. I've got a flock of friends who are normally fun to be around. Sometimes losing everything isn't a bad thing. You just don't see it at the time."

"And your son?" Ruby demanded.

"What about him?" Tenshi asked. "I saw him a few years ago. Kid was trying to hunt me down. He even got it right, but I don't want anything to do with him. He's in a good home, nice for him. I've never looked in on him once. I don't care."

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