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Baby Doll looked out over the city of Brickforge as the sun set off in the distance. She'd followed the younger angels up to the roof after being given a room and left to her own devices. Kita was unusually trusting of her. She expected to have a chaperone or team leader or something.

She looked down over the rail and felt her wings shift on her and they nearly caused her to tip over. She hadn't had much luck gaining control over them. She'd successfully hit Punishment in the face earlier when she tried to move one. Everyone seemed to think her learning was hilarious. It upset her at first, but she decided it was funny because they'd all been there before.

She tried to look over again and immediately started to lose her balance. If it wasn't for a hand grabbing her wing she would have kissed the concrete.

"Careful," came a thoughtful voice, "it takes a bit. I don't suggest going into any stores for about a week. Mom said we had a new angel. Pretty color, by the way."

Baby Doll turned around to find an angel wearing a black lace dress with a very large ruffled petticoat that made the dress look like she had a fan under it. She had on long black gloves filled with holes and covered in silver beadwork. Fishnet stockings with giant holes disappeared into worn black work boots. Her hair was black with silver streaks pulled into two low ponytails. In her hair were a pair of skull, with a pink bow, and crossbone clips. She noticed that the beads and jewelry weren't cheap plastic. They looked to be made of expensive precious metals and gems. Her wings were childish pink and had black skulls with bows.

"You must be Baby Doll. Hi, my name is Surge."

"My name is Kerri."

"I know. Baby Doll isn't your given name, if it is was you've got awesome parents," Surge laughed. "It is your angelic name and that's what everyone's going to know you by. My given name isn't Surge, but it describes what I do."

Electrical arcs began to jump from all the silver beads and her silver hair. Baby Doll jumped backward in surprise and nearly fell over the rail. Surge jumped and caught her, laughing.

"Sorry, I won't shock you. That's how I got my name. I can see how you got yours."

"What? How?" Baby Doll demanded.

"Ah, are you missing your skirt or pants? I can get something sent up."

"No, this is what I usually wear."

"Then that's where the name comes from," Surge smiled. "My Mom isn't always the most creative."

"You're one of Kita's daughters? How am I not surprised."

Surge curtseyed politely. "I am her second youngest and first of the last batch. Phoenix over there is my younger sister."

"Second of the what?"

"My Mom only has two genetic children, Kamikaze and Arial. The rest of us, Nina, Quill, Spike, Phoenix and I are adopted. If you count all the partners my Mom has eleven children."

"Where are the men? I haven't seen any or any sign of them."

Surge laughed aloud. "There's one male around, Frostbane, but good luck getting him in the city. He only comes if Raptor nips him in the rump. He's been hanging around with my Mom forever. Angels partner with angels. If you want a male you're free to go find one, but they're allowed in your room only."

"Why? What's wrong with men?"

"Have you met my Mom?" Surge chuckled. "Nothing, well besides the usual: chauvinistic, annoying, smelling bad, and moronic."

"Sounds like you've had a bad experience or two."

"Something like that," Surge glared at Toxic across the roof. Baby Doll raised an eyebrow.

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