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The group watched the fight for almost an hour commenting on everything from fighting style to attire. It was all hand-to-hand and Wicken was kind enough to pair fighters by species, usually. Still, most candidates never made it out of the first round.

"Well, what do you think?" Kita asked Snowy and the others.

"That female human's aerial assault is wicked. It almost matches yours. She's got to be from Earth," Snowy replied.

"I can't remember her name, but she was part of the original Legion on the colony ship," Punishment added.

"Explains the blue beret and black boots. Where's the rest of her uniform?" Kita wondered.

"The leotard not doing it for you?" Punishment asked.

"Looks uncomfortable as the Crushing Depths to fight in."

"To each her own," replied Snowy.

"That male is impressive, too. Why he's wearing your uniform should be an interesting story," Jewels pointed out.

"Yes it would be. They're excellent fighters and equally bad gloaters. He just put that guy into the ground and spit on him," Kita replied with a frown.

"Poor sportsmanship isn't something we want in our soldiers," Snowy added.

"He hasn't put anyone up against one of the ravagers," Phoenix added trying not to sound to bored.

"A human versus a ravager isn't a fair fight," Valentine replied.

"No, but it would be funny."

"Yes, yes it would be..." Kita mused.

"What are you thinking?" Snowy asked with amused curiosity.

"Feel like taking down a ravager?"

"Wicken isn't stupid," Amber replied. "He'll never let us beat up on his troops."

"Then we let him think we're something else...Like the Vicereine's Elite Guard."

"Are you saying we're to disguise ourselves? Because Wicken's going to make you in heartbeat," Amber replied.

"We can hide our wings. I don't want all of us to hide, of course. I just want those of us who are hand to hand experts, me, Snowy, Jewels, and Galina."

"Everyone knows Snowy's the Vicereine."

"Yes, and with the right bangles and scars she can Be Kamikaze or another humanoid war cat."

"And how are you hiding?"

Kita put her hands together. When she opened them she had a black veil with a silver chain. She put it on and pulled her blindfold from her bracer. Careful of her hair she tied it on.

The others followed suit. Punishment changed to her field cover, the pirate captain Catalina. Snowy remade herself to be a clone of her daughter, down to her spots. Jewels, already wearing her assassin sneak suit, pulled over her hood and lifted her face mask from her neck to over her nose. Toxic went from her jeans and hoodie to wearing the dress and hood of the ruling nobility.

"We're on loan, along with Valentine, to Countess Laramie as she inspects the troops. You're here showing her around," Kita instructed.

"Do I get to fight?" Phoenix asked.

"Unfortunately, no," Kita replied apologetically. "Your face is on every wanted and missing bulletin everywhere. You'll just have to watch."

"Slag and fire. I'm going to laugh when they make you."

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