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Kita approached the door to Military Command. She'd left the others behind to see how much the military was disconnected from her office. She'd thought about coming in the tradition Vicereine robes, but decided against it. The military needed to know her face. She did give them a sporting chance and added the Office of the Vicereine's crest on the front of her dress.

"Sorry, angel," A guard said stopping her. "This area is restricted even to you."

Kita raised an eyebrow. He'd answered her question.

"Marine, I suggest you let me by or you'll be guarding a ravager latrine pit from now until the end of time."

"I'm sorry, angel. The Admiral's orders."

"Those are the Admiral's orders, but my orders supersede hers."

"On whose authority?" The marine demanded.

"Mine," Kita hissed she waved her hand and froze the pair, plus the rest of the staff in place. She looked at the door and it unlocked and slid open. She looked around at the frozen staff. "Take a good look, marines. I am the Vicereine and my authority is absolute. Question it again and I'll pop your head like the zit on your face." Leaving them frozen, Kita entered the short hallway that led to the Command and Control Center.

Kita entered the door to the CCC and stepped inside. The large room had dozens of marines and soldiers from the various militaries under her command. She didn't go unnoticed, but no one said anything. Normally, Kita preferred it that way. Being recognized for just entering a room always struck her as a waste of everyone's time, but then everyone knew who she was on sight. She didn't like being ignored.

Sheppard stood at a holotable watching something. No one had bothered to get up and tell her she was there. If she was to get attention, she was going to have to do it herself. She walked a few steps to a clear spot in the room.

"Admiral Sheppard," Kita boomed through the room. The marine angel turned around slowly. She was wearing her field fatigues without the jacket, leaving her in just a t-shirt. It wasn't an unusual look for her, but seeing the rest of the staff in dress and staff uniforms it seemed definitely unfair. She made a slight wave motion to call the angel to her.

Sheppard visibly grumbled. She took a long time finishing her thoughts about what was on the table. She went to Kita slowly, bringing the other officers with her. She stood in front of Kita and folded her arms.

"What do you want?" Sheppard asked annoyed. "And why do you look ridiculous?"

Without warning, Kita spun, landing a double roundhouse kick on the other angel. She'd done it so fast Sheppard hadn't had time to protect herself. She spun in the air and crashed into a pair of the officers with her, before slamming down onto the metal deck.

"The rest of you are dismissed," Kita ordered to the officers.

Two of the officers moved off immediately, the others lingered not sure what to do. Sheppard picked herself up off the floor, wiping the blood from her mouth with the back of her hand.

"The rest of you want to join her?" Kita asked.

"Go back..." Sheppard began to order, but Kita kicked her again. Sheppard hit the deck hard.

"I didn't give you permission to speak, Admiral." Kita's eyes locked on to the remaining officers. This time they all left. Kita made a call over the comm to the others to join her.

"Get up," Kita ordered.

Sheppard was nearly there when Kita had ordered her. "I should gut you like a fish. Coming into my headquarters and smacking me around like I'm a brand new private in front of my people."

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