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Phoenix pressed her hand to the sensor plate to the Vicereine's office. The lights on the sensor plate flashed between green and red rapidly as Phoenix overrode the door. Her bad mood lingering from the shipping company she'd already physically removed the two guards from the antechamber. The sensor lit green and the door opened. Leading the way, Phoenix started into the room and stopped hard causing Toxic to run into her.

"Ugh, yuck. What the bloody blazes, Snowy? My Mom's office isn't some whorehouse for you to get stroked in."

Snowy turned around revealing Kita, who hopped down on the desk. "I guess we should be glad we hadn't gotten to the stroking part," Kita replied with an apologetic look to her daughter. "At the same time, if you're going to break in you best be ready for what you might find."

"Mom? What are you wearing? And what's she doing here and not Kanga or whatever her name is," Phoenix demanded.

"You like it?" Kita asked spinning around.

Phoenix and Toxic spoke to each other quickly. "We agree it's not something we'd ever expect you in, you look very beautiful and, ah, sexy, I guess...And you look like a video game character."

Kita chuckled and smiled. "I have played more than a few games in my day. Maybe subconsciously...Many games are influenced by Snowy's heritage."

"I'm Chinese, they're Japanese, Kitten," Snowy pointed out gently.

"Ugh, fine, whatever...I can go back to what I was wearing," Kita suggested tartly.

"You don't have to do that," Snowy replied quickly. "Just a detail to make you not sound like an ignorant parent to her youngest's favorite pastime."

"I can't make anybody happy," Kita grumped to herself. She took a deep breath to drop the issue.

"You look great, Mom," Phoenix offered sincerely.

Kita smiled. "So, what were you two doing in the same corner for hours?"

"Ah...Nothing," Phoenix answered.

"Nothing?" Kita asked. "A slavers office seems like a strange place to stop and game or take a nap."

"She...She literally means nothing," Toxic replied trying to not let any of the unhappiness she felt into her voice.

Kita frowned picking up the distraught signals from the pair. "What's going on between the two of you?"

"Ah..." Phoenix knew there was no hiding from her Mom. She went over and touched Kita's arm and opened a cloud connection.

"Tentative. Where's Denver?"

"Unhappy. Still with Sheppard. I've given her another six hours to transfer Denver to me. Why?"

"Tentative. Can you turn off the surveillance? I want to talk to you and Snowy privately."

Kita wiggled her nose. "Ok, the room and the area around us are off," she announced to the room." "What's wrong, Sweet Pea? You both are very distraught and it worries me. Especially when you don't want to include Denver, even passively."

Snowy's ears perked up.

Toxic grabbed Phoenix's arm. "Kylee, I don't want to do this. I just want to go home."

"We don't take care of this now, we never will."

"I told you how I felt. Bringing me in front of your Mom isn't going to make me change my mind."

"But," Phoenix pouted.

"She's right, Kylee. Whatever the issue is, I can't make Kara do anything."

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