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Kita and Snowy were the first off the shuttle and were met by Punishment and Amber.

"Hot damn," Punishment exclaimed when she saw Kita. "I think I might change my mind about this new girl."

"It had nothing to do with the new girl," Snowy smiled possessively.

"Even better. I'm going to have to keep more than one camera on you," Punishment smiled and winked.

"I don't see what the big deal is. This isn't nearly as revealing as what I wore before," Kita pointed out sheepishly.

"Yes, but that's like looking at a blank wall. You know what's there, sexy as it is," Punishment grinned. "You can make it even more beautiful and alluring by decorating it and hiding some of the pieces to increase the wonder factor. Because, damn, you are smoken hot, girl. I owe Snowy something."

Snowy laughed. "I think you assassins were the inspiration."

Punishment nodded as an afterthought she made the assassin greeting gesture and bowed to Kita. "Yongyuan chenmo, zongshi."

"Yongyuan yincang, cike," Kita answered.

"Can't say I've ever worn the qipao, but I might consider it now."

Kita chuckled. "I think I like Catalina's look. It's similar to this."

"Yeah...Better I don't. I'd hate to steal your thunder."

Kita laughed.

"Are you done gushing over there, glow stick?" Amber asked Punishment.

"I have to make up for the fact you'll have nothing nice to stay," Punishment countered the fallen angel.

"I'll stick to fatigues," Amber replied. "It's definitely a different look. I'll give you that."

"Glad to see the north continent hasn't softened you, Love," Kita replied.

"I'll turn them into soldiers yet. They're definitely harder than they were. A couple of battles with the Machines woke them up." Amber perked up as she watched Jewels and the other angels exit the shuttle.

"What's Megan doing here?" Amber asked. "Saving the asses of her tweety-birds?"

Snowy and Kita looked at each other and giggled slightly. Amber's face darkened when she saw the look on Jewels face.

"What happened down there?" Amber demanded of Kita.

Kita shrugged. "Nothing."

"Oh, that's a lie," Punishment announced also looking more concerned.

"Looks like they just came from Kita's frightmare forest. What you do this time?" Anthrax asked with a laugh. She had Nina with her, who didn't look as jovial. The pair walked around Punishment and Amber to get their first look at Kita.

"Bloody hell," Anthrax smiled when she saw Kita. "Jane finally penetrated that tomboy repulsor shield of yours. I knew she'd eventually win."

Kita rolled her eyes a bit, but didn't disagree.

"My only question is, why do it for Big Red over there and not Jane or Snowy or the crap on the bottom of a shoe?"

"Nell, be nice. The others look really upset. Which means Mom's been up to something devilish," Nina reprimanded.

"They'll get over it. How bad can it truly be? Heaps of bodies are nothing new and neither is any other number of evil deeds we've done."

"Please don't include yourself. You're better than her," Nina objected.

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