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A t-rex came stomping into the clearing. It changed into Raptor and she glided over to the other angels.

"Are they on their way?" Leo asked.

"I be sprayen enough pheromones to be senden even an old shriveled male into a frenzy," she replied with a laugh. "Da goen to be mighty unhappy they be finden the wrong females."

"Good. We've got them stripped and clipped," Leo replied.

"We maybe getten a visit from da elves and their kin. I be seen signs of them in da forest."

"One more thing for them to learn about," Spike replied.

"Da males be here fast, so best we get into da trees."

"Let's go," Leo ordered to the other angels.

Jewels gave each gem a shot to wake them up before retreating with the others. It didn't take long before the gems were awake. The befuddled group looked around at their surroundings. The sound of creatures crashing through the forest underbrush became louder. It didn't take the group long to find out their crystal armour and weapons were gone, replaced by standard issue. Before they were set, the thundering herd of male t-rexs entered the glen.

"They look like lost little lambs," Jewels sighed unhappily.

"Are you sure they're not lions? Because I'm sure they still think they lead this pride," Tenshi laughed.

"They're all lions, and that's their problem," Kamikaze replied.

"Should we save them?" Jewels asked.

"Not yet, they haven't realized we clipped their wings," answered Leo.

"If da be thinken they be winning this on da ground, da be dumber dan a herd of lambs," Raptor scoffed.

The t-rexs had begun to separate the angels. Ruby was doing well at holding the ravagers at bay with her built in abilities. In response, the ravagers started ignoring her and concentrating on the weaker Diamond and Emerald.

"Oops, there we go. Emerald just tried to get some elevation," Spike pointed as the angel flopped forward and fell on her face.

In the first show of any kind of teamwork Ruby darted between t-rexs' legs to help the stricken angel. Diamond moved over to help protect the two. It was another nice show of teamwork, but it backfired. The entire herd of t-rexs attacked them.

"Let's go," Leo ordered. "Spike, protect them. Tenshi stay here and snipe. Jewels, you and Kami will work together with me on the ground. Raptor, see if you can lead them away. We're not here to kill the beasts, but if they won't be driven away we'll take a few out. Tenshi, you and I will lead off by firing some flash-bangs to break their attention from the gems."

Leo gave the others a chance to get into place. After she received confirmations from the others she and Tenshi fired their flash-bangs into the group of t-rexs. The loud bangs and flashes were followed by smoke to hide the angels on the ground.

From above the dragon Rapture roared and landed with earth shaking force on top of the gems. Two and half times the size of a t-rex, the dragon swung her spiked tail clubbing and knocking several of the black dinosaurs to the ground. One t-rex recovered quicker than the others and roared a challenge at the dragon for the prize group of angels. Rapture swung her massive spiked head to the challenger and answered with a bone rattling roar of her own. When the t-rex charged Rapture the dragon's head struck like a snake grabbing the t-rex by the throat. She lifted the ravager into the air in a large arc, slamming it back into the ground. Grabbing the t-rex's head in her foot she drove her talons into the thick skull. The challenger defeated, she continued to swing her head and tail back and forth defensively.

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