s*t*a*r*s 2 - pt 24

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            Spencer stares hard at the woman who is her mother, she is shorter than Spencer, her eyes blaze in deep amber and her own fangs are bared.  A swell of emotions cascades over Spencer.  She’d never known this mother, if only there is a way to bring her back so that Spencer could at least have that one moment with her.

            “Who are you?” asks Jo.

            “I-I-I – I can’t tell you,” says Spencer realizing that she can alter the reality that she wants desperately to get back too.  Not wanting to chance her friends, or their futures and their pasts, Spencer stays quiet.

            “Oh you’re going to tell me,” says Jo in a deep voice.

            “Crap,” says Spencer as Jo leaps at her.  Spencer grabs her mother by the front of her shirt, twisting in midair and slamming her mother into the wall of the school.  The brick disintegrated as Jo’s back rammed into the building.  “Stop!  I’m not the enemy, I swear!”

            “That’s what they all say,” says Jo a blast of power hits Spencer in the gut and Spencer doubles over.  Not having known that her mother could direct energy, filing that away for later thought, Spencer tries to stay awake.

             “Merde!” roars Spencer as Jo grabs her and pulls her up against her. 

            “What did you say?” asks Jo her jaw set staring into Spencer’s eyes.

            “I said…”

            “Merde,” says Jo.  Something changes and Jo steps away from Spencer, releasing her.  “Who the hell are you?”

            “Please, believe me when I say I wish I could tell you,” says Spencer the tears that she’s never shed for her mother spilling forth.  “I wish I could tell you how much I missed you every day for the last three years, even when I wanted to never remember you.  I wish I could tell you that it’s going to be easy, I wish I could tell you that I don’t hate you as much every day.  I wish, I wish I’d known you now….”

            Jo moves away, her eyes shifting from amber to blue, then back to amber again as if she needs to see with both of her visions.  “You don’t belong here. Your aura is wrong.”

            Spencer snorts a laugh, thinking of the many different ironies that sentence holds.  “I wasn’t even conceived in the reality I’m in now, if that makes any sense.”  Spencer suddenly feels the shift behind her.  Sydney is opening a new slip stream to home.  “I know that this conversation will only make sense to you later on, but,” begins Spencer figuring she has nothing to lose now.  “I like my name – Spencer – and I like who I am, so you did something right – I might have thought it is all wrong but that is before.  I was in a bad place then.  But, until right now, this moment, in time, I just realized that if you’d done one thing different I wouldn’t be here.  I wouldn’t be here,” says Spencer inadvertently looking at Jo’s stomach.

            Jo’s eyes narrow.  Spencer can only wonder what Jo is thinking.

            Spencer smiles knowing that Jo understands what is going on.  The rip opens up behind her.  Spencer bends, grabbing the prosthetic leg and falls backwards into the rip in time.

            “Spencer…,” whispers Jo.


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