Niall Horan Dirty Imagine

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“(y/n), Mr.Horan said he wanted to see you.” Your friend said before she walked out the big doors of your school; which was almost empty. You had just finished with detention, and were making your way back home, well that was before Mr.Horan called you. 

You knocked on the door of the classroom where Mr.Horan was sitting in. 

“Come in.” Mr.Horan said sternly. 

“You wanted to see me?” You asked, softly, you really didn’t want to get into trouble, but also were enjoying it. Mr.Horan was a fucking hottie, and he wasn’t even that old, well, maybe? He was top to bottom S E X Y. 

Lost in your thoughts, your thought went away by Mr.Horan talking, sending shivers down your spine, making you wet instantly.

“You see (y/n), you’re acting in really good, but you need to get into the mood, think of having a certain desire for a man.” Mr.Horan spoke, yapping about your character in the drama, but all you could think of was how hot he was. His perfect jawline, his neck, torso, legs; everything! He was fucking perfect. 

You quietly reached your hand down, putting it in your pants, making sure Mr.Horan wouldn’t notice. You put your hand into your underwear, reaching for your clit, playing with it. You start rubbing it, adding pressure when needed, you close your eyes, thinking what Mr.Horan would do to you with his long fingers, what he would do with his perfectly shaped lips. You started rubbing faster, and faster, when you added one finger. You gasped.

“Everything ok?” Mr.Horan asked, looking funny at you. Suddenly, many thoughts came to your mind, maybe he saw you? 

“No-nothing.” You shuttered to answer, your fingers were still inside of you, slowly you started sliding them out, not wanting Mr.Horan to notice.

“(y/n)!” Mr.Horan shouted, you froze. “You naughty girl, you think I never noticed?” Mr.Horan laughed, his low husky laugh, making you more wet. 

“W-what?” You asked, shuttering again, everything was just coming to you like that. 

“Don’t act dumb, I want you, now.” That’s all Mr.Horan had to say and he came forward crashing his lips into yours. 

His hands quickly reached out for your breasts, grabbing them tightly. You moanded in the kiss, making Mr.Horan smile. 

You palmed his bulge that had formed in his pants, his lips had left your lips, and he was sucking on to your neck, sending waves of pleasure through your body, making you more wet then you already were. He moved away from your neck, only to take your shirt off, doing the same to him, you both were soon naked.

Everything was so tense, so fast, you could barely think, all you knew was that you wanted Mr.Horan. 

His hands found the rim of your panties, his hands finding your clit instantly, pressing it down. His fingers didn’t move, but applied more pressure to your clit, till you couldn’t take it.

“Mr.Horan!” You shouted.

“Niall” He purred into your ear, as he started to rub your clit, he kept on rubbing it getting faster every second.

Suddenly, three fingers pumped into you.

“MR.HORAN!” You shouted, you could feel yourself cumming, you had left yourself un done before, so you were right on the edge.

“FUCKING NIALL!” He said, pulling his fingers out of you. You were stunned. He quickly un did the button of his dark blue jeans, revealing his huge length. Your eyes widen.

“Spread ‘em.” He ordered. You quickly jumped onto the table, and spread your legs. Niall positioned infront of you, placing his length on your clit, rubbing it a little.

“Get in me!” You shouted, desperation clearly present. 

“Beg.”Niall said rubbing his length harder.

“Please, fuck me Niall, I want you inside of me. NOW.” You pleaded, and with that Niall thrusted into you as hard as he could.

“Fuck (y/n), your so damn tight!” Niall groaned, his attention on your sex, as he pounded into you harder and harder. You holding onto his neck, as he gripped your hips tightly.

“Right there! Oh fuc- FUCK YES.” You moaned. He was pounded harder and harder.

“I’m cumming!” You shouted, feeling yourself on the edge.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” Niall shouted, pumming into you. You tried to hold back as long as you could, but you couldn’t.”FUUCKK, Niall!” You shouted as you rode out your orgasm, Niall kept on pumming, you could feel his length twitch as he pumped.

“Fuck I’m cumming!” Niall shouted, little beads of sweat had formet on his fourhead.

“Cum in me.” You purred, in a low sexy voice. You felt Niall’s hot cum shoot into you, making you feel like on top of the world.

He pummed in a few more times, then pulling out. You both got changed, and walked out like nothing had happened. Before you left school, Niall came and whispered into your ear 

“We should have more after school discustions, they’re quite interesting.” And walked away.

Lets say, you began to like Drama Class ever more than you already did.

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