chapter two

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"Alec, why does you're sister hate meh so much?" I askd Alec as we walked dwn the coridor of the volteri castle, pasing loads of humans on our way. The humans were gonna be eaten by us latter. I was realli hungre cause dad had not fed me since monday as he wos bisy goin too Edward and Bela Cullens house causs of their daughta renesmee cause she was sum kind of vampire human just like me, not that eny of the volteri new that becuse dad wos ashamed. nice too no dad was proud of me. He was proud of me tho, he always tells me that I'm hs specshal litle girl and how pretty i am. My dads a lair im ugly not pretty.

"i think its cus your so pretty, Lilac. She is not" he said quietly stopping so he turned to face me. I dont know why peple are always sayin that I'm prety cause i'm ugly.

"do you rely mean that?" I replied lookin deep into his red eyes befor flickering my gaze up to his jet blak hair that had blu streeks in it. He was so gud looking.

"definitley, i realy like you Lilac" he smiled, steppig closer towards me making me tilt my hed bak to look up at him.

"I like ya too Alec" I said seeing Alec leening down towards my face.

Tats when I ran, leaving Alec uterly confuzed. 

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