May 2nd, 2016 - #JustWriteIt #OnceUponNow

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Meeting a wizard. Taming a unicorn. Becoming a published author.

All of these things might exist within the realm of fantasy but Target wants to make at least one fairytale come true. Nope, you won't be seeing live dragons in your local Target any day soon (sorry!) but enter this month's #JustWriteIt and you just might see your name and story in print!

With #OnceUponNow as your inspiration, summon your writing wizardry and tell us your mythical stories—not set in some made-up faraway land, but right here, right now. Go ahead, reimagine modern life or love with a sprinkling of fairy dust! But no trademarked characters—and keep it clean, people!

Ten lucky US-based Wattpad writers will be published in the upcoming Once Upon Now anthology, carried in Target stores (and other places) this October! Just be sure to tag your spellbinding story #JustWriteIt and #OnceUponNow.

All stories must be between 4,000 and 9,000 words to qualify.

Ready? Head over here to take the pledge and let's cast some spells!

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