Lilacs new sunset

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I walked out of my room in the volteri castle. My natural long blonde hair with pink streaks billowed out from behind me. My name is Lilac Blaise Isobel Nequita Volturi and Caius is my dad. I’m tall and liek really skinny and I look just like a supermodel.  Im pale because i’m part vampire, caius my dad got my mum pregnant and cheated on his wife. My mum was a human, but she’s dead now. I killed her wen I was born.

“move you little half-breed bratt!” Snaped Jane one of my dads guard. She hates me. I stuck up a finger at her.

“Fuck off ugly!” I told her. She growled. Then suddenly she was strangling me. I could get her off because she was stronger tan me. I couldn’t breath but that was ok cause I’m half vampire. I punched her in the face. she fell back. I spat.

“Don’t do that again biatch. Next time I’ll hurt you.” I walked down the hall next, ignoing the looks I always got. Why do people always stare at me? I’m ugly so that can’t be why.

“lilac!” Shouted a satin voice from behind me. I turned around and smiled. It was…. Alec. His red eyes sparkled like his skin did in the sun. He smiled at me. His sister was a bitch and I didn’t like her but I lieked Aled a lot.

“You look nice” He shuffled his feet and looked down shly. If he would have been human he’d of blushed.

“Alec. Ive missed you.” I hugged him. Aled was great and I think I might love him....

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