Stiles was getting fed up with this. Derek hasn't said a word to him since Monday and it was already Friday. He hasn't answered any of Stiles' calls or text messages and Isaac isn't letting him into the loft to see Derek. Yeah, the day Derek came back from his little "vacation" with Cora, the first thing he did was tell Isaac to come back and he was sorry. Well... After he kissed Stiles but that's a totally different story.

Right now though, Stiles was pissed out of his freaking mind and was prepared to fight his way into the house. He needed to know why Derek hasn't been talking to him and kind of just disappeared off of the face of the earth. Did Stiles have some wolfsbane to use to get in? That was quite possible.


"First of all, werewolf hearing? No need to shout. Also Isaac isn't here and Derek is being an emotionally constipated person because apparently "teenage girl times a zillion" is insulting to females everywhere," Peter greeted and Stiles followed him in.

"So where's Derek?" He interrogated wanting to get to the bottom of all of this.

Peter pointed in the direction of the other werewolf's room and that's where Stiles stormed off to. Not even knocking, he barged in and began to go off on the older man about how Derek wasn't answering his phone or talking or how the pack hasn't seen him... Well besides Isaac Cora and Peter. Maybe Lydia cos Lydia is... Lydia.

"Stiles... Stiles. Stiles! STILES, SHUT UP!!!" Derek exclaimed over the babbling teen, eyes flashing blue before going back to normal.

Looking around the room is slight shock, Stiles stopped talking and walked to sit on the bed. During his babble, the teen had failed to realize the redness and puffiness of Derek's eyes. "What's wrong?" Stiles questioned, scooting close to the werewolf.

"Nothing," Derek replied quickly and went back to read his book.

"Because yes, nothing is totally why you haven't talked to anybody!" the teen stated with satire.

Derek glared and put down the book, his face dropping slightly. "I'm trying to figure out how to break up with you," he mumbled.

"Oh," Stiles was lost on what to say due to disbelief. "Why do you want to... You know... Break up?"

Looking anywhere but at Stiles, "It's not you. I just..."

Laughing with tears in his eyes Stiles retorted, "Yeah cos that's not what everyone says. What? Was I not pod enough? Found a werewolf that could actually protect themself? Or you just don't like me? That I'm just a stupid worthless human that talks to much and is probably the reason for his mom's death? Why, Derek, why aren't I good enough?"

Stiles' voice cracked, halfway through his little rant, and there were tears streaming down his face. It seemed, though, that Stiles had not yet realized this. Derek pulled the crying teen to his chest and whispered, "You're so amazing Stiles. You aren't useless. It's the fact that you are so fragile and still put yourself in the midst of danger to save other people that makes you braver than any of us. I just... I'm the one who isn't good for you.

"I couldn't protect you last week and I barely won a fight as an alpha. I don't know what's going to happen as a beta. Everyone around me and that I love gets hurt or dies and I don't want to risk that with you. I love you so much that not having you is better than losing you to something that's going to be my fault. I'm doing this to protect you, Stiles. I wish you'd see that."

Shaking his head in disbelief, Stiles wiggled out of Derek's embrace. "First of all, I'm hurting right now. You breaking up with me... That only makes it worse. I thought you hated me Derek!!! For a whole week you haven't talked to me or at least seen me! You could've been dead for all I knew!!! I was so scared that something happened. So don't say that you're going to end up hurting me because right now hurts a lot. A lot more than anything I've felt before."

"I didn't want you to think that. I just needed time to think. But trust me. The stuff that everyone I have ever loved went through is way worse than any of this," Derek replied and got off the bed. "I'm not good for you Stiles and it's better to end it now before someone gets hurt."

"BEFORE?!?!? I'm freaking heartbroken and you're telling me this is BEFORE anyone gets hurt? JUST STOP BLAMING YOURSELF, DEREK!!!" Stiles exclaimed and grabbed onto the former Alpha's wrist. "The fire wasn't your fault. The Paige stuff wasn't your fault. Boyd and Erica dying wasn't your fault. None of it was. Stop blaming yourself for things that aren't your fault! You're pushing people away. People that love you. People that will help you deal with your problems. Just let me in and we can go through this together.

"Oh and don't you dare pull the Kate card. You are NOTHING like her. Not even close to being close to her because I'm pretty sure you're not going to kill my family or a bunch of other werewolves for no apparent reason. More than that, you aren't taking advantage of me. Dammit! You won't even do it with me until I'm 18. Which totally sucks for me, but my dad approves of our relationship that way so I guess it's not completely horrible if my dad is happy.

"But Derek... Oh my god... I love you so freaking much. Maybe you have some baggage like a whole five suitcases and three carry-ons worth of problems, but I have my stuff I have to deal with as well. I want to help you and fix you and stop you from looking like a grumpy butt for the rest of your life, but in order to do that, you need to talk to me. Like actually talk because I know I talk enough for both of us, but I don't read minds."

Sighing softly, Derek turned to face Stiles. Looking in his eyes he began to speak, "I love you Stiles but I still have a lo-"

"I LOVE YOU AND ALL YOUR FREAKING SHIT OKAY?!? JUST DEAL WITH THE TRUTH AND GET THE EFF OVER IT!!!" the teen exclaimed in desperation. The werewolf needed to get it through his stupid, thick skull.

After getting over the intial shock of the sudden outburst, Derek smiled slightly and winked, "I know you do."

- - - - - - -

A/N: So I realize this was shorter than my other parts... And shout out to LIAMPAYNE2012 who prompted this idea. I really hope this is what you wanted! :D