chapter 20

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Meliodas pov

" Meliodas-sama...... d-do you love m-me? " She asked and blushed.

" well we have kissed. Multiple times. So i do i guess." I really wasn't the type to confess my feelings. No, it wasn't that. I was scared that if I ever loved anyone again after everything would repeat itself. I I I was scared that I would get rejected for being the monster that destroyed. I saw the look in her eye. It was disappointment from when I said I guess.

Did I really mean that much to her? She traveled two days straight. Never getting a rest because the rumors spreading around. Never getting a bite because people would run in fear because of the rumor. Everything was the rumors fault. All this for what? To find me? ME! Of all people!!! All this sacrifice and I can't even tell her the truth. How pathetic.

" Yeah I do actually." I said reassuringly

" r-really" She said her face lighting up.


sorry for it not being as long as the Elizabeth pov.  It would have been the same.

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