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I put down my things, sit down, and take in the view.  After two days of hard climbing, I’ve once again reached my favorite place.  Away from everyone.  Everything.

            Right around me, there’s not much that immediately catches the eye.  A few stray lumps of dirt and common grass fluttering away in the wind, uncaring of their observers.

But, if I look closer, I see a team of ants gathering around a fallen enemy.  As I watch, the poor spider is broken apart and taken home for the night.  A well fought battle, I am sure.

Although the greenery is quite normal- and all that’s special about this place is solitude- every breath I take is refreshing.  Full of sweet scents from sap dripping trees and a raw earthiness that is relaxing and exhilarating all at once.

Far off, squirrels scold a small bird- for stealing their nuts, I suppose.  As the angry chattering continues, I feel as if I have some company here.  Someone to watch over me that won’t intrude.  But, I’m just being sentimental.

Ah.  Here it is.  The sun has finally slid down enough to peek at me from between proud mountain heads.  It gives me a magnificent farewell- one of rich gold, scarlet, pink, and orange hues- as it goes off to visit other parts of the world.  I give Mr. Sun a cheery send-off.  I know I’ll see him tomorrow anyway, and he’s kind enough to let me have some of his time before he sets off.

Now that I’ve settled down to watch a purple darkness steal across the sky, my mind is completely still.  There!  The first star to wink a greeting to me.  For even as my great friend, the Sun, leaves, littler, more timid guests awaken and wave at me from above.

With this company, the cool grass below me, and an owl hooting its watch song, I slip into a blissful sleep.

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