Chapter 6

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 I knew you were smart. Search the place I lost you.

That was what had been carved into his arms. It wasn't much, but it had been enough for Hermione to figure out what he had meant.

Hermione splashed her face, dried her hands and headed to the kitchenette to grab a snack. She leant against the counter, munching on the animal shaped baked crackers and waited. Pop. Hermione smirked slightly and didn't look up from the box of goodies.

"You're late." She stated.

"Covering your tracks isn't exactly an easy task, you know." The man replied.

"You had an hour head start. I made it back before you, and I was the last one on scene." She paused. "I take it, your signal meant that it was clear for the rest of it?"

"Yes, My Lady. But..."

"But what?"

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"They killed my mother, Carrow." She spat. "She had done nothing but marry a dark and lost soul. A soul who was on the right path till they killed her. So many deaths could have been avoided if it weren't for the Order." She rubbed her head. "Thank you for being my eyes, Carrow. Just make sure the others know that I'm following through with the plan. Warn them not to get in my way, and tell them they need to help if I call."

"I'm sure we'd be able to feel it." He touched his left arm absentmindedly. Hermione glared at him. "I'll tell them, don't worry." He bowed and apparated away.

Hermione looked at her watch and groaned. She'd been invited to dinner at the Potters, no doubt the Weasleys would be there, accompanied with their endless questions concerning Hermione. She still had a few hours, but she didn't think that would be enough to prepare herself properly. She reached into her fridge and grabbed a fire-whiskey, jumped over the sofa and turned on the TV. She flicked through the channels, before deciding that there was nothing worth watching, so she got out some DVDs and put one of the disks for some of the episodes of ABC's Revenge.


Ding Dong

Ginny rushed to open the door to her house. She and Harry had got over the off-balanced bit of their bug about an hour ago and were feeling a lot better... apart from the feeling that something was missing or had died.

"Hello!" A crowd of Weasleys greeted as Ginny opened the door.

"Hello family." She ushered them in. "Ron?"


"Harry wants to speak to us. He's upstairs in the study." The two siblings headed up to the study after Ginny had watched her family get comfortable.

"Hey Ron." Harry looked up from his desk and went to hug his friend. After this, he cast a silencing spell on the room. Ron looked at him questioningly. "We don't want anyone finding out what we're saying."

"And that would be bad because?"

"It's about Hermione."

"Oh. Yeah, we don't want anyone telling her we'd been talking behind her back. She's more temperamental than Ginny and my mother."

"HEY!" Ginny smacked the back of her brother's head. "I'm right here."

"Ow. So what about Hermione?"


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