The new beginning

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"Hey! Quick! We are gonna be late! " Kyuhyun shouted and riding his bicycle quickly to school.

"Hey! Wait for me!" His elder brother , Yesung , yelled from behind.

Finally both of them reached the school just on time. They met their standards, Donghae and Kris at the school gate. Four of them then quickly ran to their classroom and sat down on their usual seats.

"Heard that there would be new students coming into our class! Is it a guy or a girl?" A voice from behind started to gossip with the other in the class.

Four of them looked at one another, and smiled cheekily. The bell rang and the teacher walked in, followed by four new students.

"Attention class! Here are the new students that are going to be with us the next four years! Girls please introduce yourself." The teacher declared to the whole class and switched their attention to the four girls.

"I'm Seohyun." She said cooly and nodded her head a little.

"Hi everyone I am Yoona." She said and finished the sentence with a wide smile.

"Hello I'm Tiffany." She bowed after she introduced herself.

"Hi I'm Yuri." She said coldly and smiled awkwardly.

All the guys in the class stared at them in amazement. They are so gorgeous!

"Four of you will sit behind Kris that group of guys." The teacher pointed and instructed them to sit down.

Tiffany and Yuri sat directly behind Kris and Donghae while Yoona and Seohyun sat further behind. When the teacher asked them to take out their book, Tiffany whispered to Yuri,

"hey yu, I forgot to bring the book. What am I supposed to do?"

"Who has forgotten to bring their textbook? Please stand." Teacher claimed loudly.

When Tiffany was about to stand up, Kris slide his book on Tiffany's table and he stood up. Tiffany stared blankly and smiled to herself.

"Kris, you are to stay back and clean the whole classroom this afternoon." The teacher ordered him and asked him to sit down.

- After school -

"Hey you guys go back first, I have to stay back to clean the classroom." Kris said.

"Okay then! We will meet tomorrow!" Kyuhyun said and the rest waves goodbye to Kris.

It was only Kris in the classroom. He felt so restless and he hates to do all this thing. However, he had to get started. He took the broom and began to sweep the floor. Just when he was sweeping effortlessly, there was a small tap on his shoulder. He turned and saw her beautiful eyes.

"Thanks for just now." Tiff still smiled awkwardly as usual.

"You are welcome. You are new student here and I don't wish to see new student being punished on their first day of school." Kris told her and continue sweeping.

She handed him a bottle of drink. Kris was surprised, but he still accepted it. Tiff smiled and walked towards the whiteboard. She took the duster and started cleaning.

"What are you doing?" Kris asked her.

"Helping you! Don't ask me to go home because I won't leave you behind. I have responsibility for this. I will do it with you." Tiff offered the help with a warm heart and continued with the cleaning.

Kris could not help but laughed. Sooner in the day, they had fun in the classroom together. Without knowing, they got closer...