A Hard Knock Life

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I’m with the others, hiding in the back.  Hopefully, that man won’t see me.  But no!  It’s too late.  His hands come towards me, and he pulls me towards him.

Bringing his face closer, his eyebrows contract as he checks me out, wondering whether or not he should buy me.  How did I get into this situation?

The man holds onto me but looks around some more.  He almost takes another, but in the end, I’m the one that he takes home with him.

I’m thrown casually into the trunk of the car, and then the world goes black.  I wonder how long I’ll be back here.  How long until he uses me?

Soon though, light enters my dark prison, and the man lifts me out again.  He mutters something about how thin and small I am.  How I’ll only last him a week maximum.

But, he soon brightens up at the thought that he can show me off to his friends.  Maybe even let them borrow me.  It’s quite shocking, but I can’t do anything about it.

The man has brought me all the way to his bedroom.  He pulls off his sweatshirt and lounges comfortably on the bed with me beside him.  After a few deep breaths, the man picks me up and takes off my jacket.  He tosses it onto the bed, and I know what’s coming now.

Picking me up, he looks at me for a while.  Then, the man lies down on his bed, pulls me closer, strokes my spine, and opens me up.  He uses me for about an hour then gets up again.

Moving forward while still holding onto me, I am deposited with others like me.  They all look worn and tired.  Will that be me soon?  I can see my jacket.  It’s still on his bed, but I can’t go and get it.

I fall asleep, and later when I wake up, the man is back, but now he has his friends with him.  As if my awakening summoned him, the man looks at me, and his eyes light up.

“Hey guys, look what I got today.”  He picks me up, and the other guys pass me around.

“Where did you get this one from?”

“Yeah, I didn’t even know that book had come out yet!”

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