Chapter VII: The Bonding

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Chapter VII: The Bonding 

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SeHun's POV

"Let's make Love" I said to LuHan while he was under me.

He kissed me with his soft lips. My tongue entered his mouth, tasting every corner. I caressed his back. I was like devouring him.

His lips were like candies. It tastes sweet. Bonding with him felt like I was on ecstacy. I love this feeling. I don't want to leave his side.

I want to eat him. I was kissing his neck as our hard members rub each other. We were intense. My cells are in rage. I feel that they are bonding completely. They're making me stronger.

"Se-SeHun..enter me" LuHan stuttered in pleasure

I poured oil on his entrance before I slid my raging member inside. I don't want him to get hurt. I slid it in and intense pleasure hit me. It slapped me so hard. Our Love is undeniable.

"aaaaahh... SeHun..... Hmmmm" His moans were like music to my ears. I really love hearing them

"I love you LuHan" I whispered and licked his ear

"I love you too Se-SeHun" These words echoed in my ears

As I thrusted harder and harder, I stroked his member. His moans were getting louder and louder. As my stroke got faster, he came. His panting didn't stop. I thrusted faster. I felt really hot and I came hi inside him.

"I love you" I kissed him on his lips

"I love you too" he mumbled

I fell asleep wrapping my arms around him

LuHan's POV

I woke up and saw SeHun's face. I kissed him and smiled. As I got up, I felt my entrance a bit sore. Well, I am a virgin after all.

I felt happy? Because my first was the love of my life. I walked inside the bathroom and took a quick shower cleaning my body. When I got out, SeHun was still sleeping. I wore a large sweatshirt and shorts.

I went downstairs and saw Baekhyun and Chanyeol sitting at the sofa.

"Someone was really loud last night.... " Baekhyun grinned

"I heard alot of moans" Chanyeol was holding his laugh

I blushed and was about to walk out

"Hey! We were just kidding." Baekhyun held my hand and let me sit beside him."I think you had a great bonding with SeHun?" He asked me

"I guess you could say that.." I said blushing

"Have you guys bonded with your partners already?" I asked them

"We're partners and Yes, we already bonded even before you got here." Chanyeol grinned

"Really?! I didn't even thought that you were partners. 1st of all, most of the time, you are quarelling with each other." I was shocked of them being partners.

"Want proof?" Baekhyun asked

He leaned forward to Chanyeol and kissed him right on his lips. Chanyeol did the same. My face was getting red as they were passionately kissing. They stopped when they glanced at me blushing.

"You okay?" Chanyeol asked me

"I'm fi-fine" I stuttered and was still blushing

I stood up "I'll just get something to eat" I walked towards the kitchen.

I got the loaf bread and found cream cheese in the refrigirator. I got a knife and spread the cream cheese on the bread. I stood up and made coffee. As I was done, I felt bored.

I walked and decided to go to the field. I felt stronger. I remembered that SeHun and I already bonded so I have full control of my powers. The field look peaceful.

Wind was passing through my face, I closed my eyes and focused on my energy.

A few minutes later, I heard many footsteps. I opened my eyes and my aura was swarming the field.

I can feel my energy exploding at this place. I looked at the sky and focused at the sun. I was shocked as it was coming closer and closer.

"LuHan! Stop!" Suho shouted

I came back to my senses noticing how how it was. My body sweated.

"What are you doing!? You could've melted half of the earth!" Kris shouted

"Huh? What are you talking about?" I asked them

"You are pulling the sun towards us! Did you forget that you are really that powerful? Please, LuHan, be careful" Suho said

I was shocked of what happened. I didn't knew that I could do such things. I'm now fully aware that I'm bonded. I felt confident.

I felt really intense. Now I know that I need to practice this. I need to know how to use it well. Thus, this is where my fight begins.


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LuHan's powers were defined as the same as Alice's powers in Resident evil. I just gave you a hint of how powerful he is in this story ;)


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