You were walking to your maths class.You were really popular in your school.You were really famous with the boys but you weren't that bully type of girls.You are really nice and poliet.

You walked in to your maths class,the teacher wasn't there.There were a lot of empty seats.Derek-the hottest guy in the school (According to your friends) was tapping the seat next to him,signalling for you to come and sit next to him.You weren't fond of Derek,he was known for nothing but a player.

You ignored him and looked around the class.You spotted an empty seat next to Niall-the school's biggest nerd.He was reading a book.You sat next to him.He imeedietly looked at you with his widened eyes,suprised that you are sitting next to him."Hey!" you said friendly."H-hi!" he said nervously.You smiled at him.This was the first time that you had a conversation with Niall.He was a new student,he joined school about 2 days ago and he was beind made fun of since his arrival.He has being sitting alone during all classes and during lunch break.

You look in to his eyes and realize how beautiful they are.His hair was bleeched-blond and you actually found him being attractive.Even though he is really hot,his nerd reputation didn't change.

You felt sorry for him but whenever you were going to talk to him,your friends dragged you away."Hey Y/N,why are you sitting next to that nerd?" one of your friends asked you while coming in to the class."Because I want to" you snapped back.She rolled her eyes at you and sat at the back of the class."I actually call these people my friends?" you asked your self in your mind.

You looked over at Niall who was reading his book again.His cheeks were red.You actually started to really like him.

-Niall's POV-

I can't believe Y/N is sitting next to me.She is the most beautiful girl in this school.She is really popular but she is SUPER nice,compared to her friends and all the other students in this school.Everyone expect  Y/N has being bullying me since I entered this school about 2 days ago.I switched schools because in my previous school,the hobby of those students if to beat me up.Mostly like everyday I came home with bruises.

Well,so far in this school,no one has bullied me.I guess the reputation of a nerd never dies.

After a few minutes,the teacher entered the class.I closed the book I was reading and I put it away.I opened up my math book and got prepared for the lesson.The teacher started to teach about square roots and stuff which was like ABC for me.I looked over at Y/N.By her facial expression,she happens to have a hard time understanding this.

I don't get why people find Math difficult.It is so easy for me.Oh yeah,I'm THE nerd.

Y/N looked at me and that's when I realize that I have been staring at her all this time.God she is SO beautiful.I smiled at her and broke my glace.I looked at my book and pretended that I was doing the sums.I couldn't help but let dirty images run through my mind about Y/N.How she might look beneath all her clothes.Me on top of her while she dug her finger nails on to my back while screaming my name.

Even though Iam a virgin,I knew all about sex.I guess you know the answer to it-I have watched a few porn videos.I shook my head,trying to stop those images from running through my head.

Finally the bell rang and everyone just blew off the class.Everyone expect me and Y/N.She was really patient,taking her time in closing her books and putting everything in to her pencil case.Atleast we have that in common.

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