salt and slow heels

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I was sitting at my window seat trying to make the best out of the winter since it was almost over. I twirled my old soccer ball in my hands and threw it up in the air. I had lots of homework but who said I was ever going to do it. I love to sing but I am never good at it my friends think I am good but I think they are just trying to be nice. The trees began to move and I was watching my little brother standing under the tree looking up. In split seconds he was covered head to toe with snow. I am a sophmore which means I am really annoying and self centered compared to the seinors. I  failed in every class my parents grounded me and they put me in the way of getting me a tutor. I have lots of friends but they are all smarter than me so I am not very happy about that. I am sporty as you could say. In fall I play football and soccer. In the winter I play ice hockey and I swim. In the summer I play field hockey and baseball and in the spring I play la-cross and I do track. All my other friends only join the gym only once a month but I do it every other day.                                                                                                  I walked downstairs and pored some water into my hot shot. I went to the near by cuboerd and pulled out a package of hot chocolate. Then the phone rang. I walked over and picked up my old toned down razor and clicked the talk button.                                                                                               "Hello" I said.                                                                                     "Hey it is Tracy what are you doing".                                                                        "Die'n from bordem, you?                                       " Going out of the door to pick you up for dress shopping see you in five seconds". said Tracy. I didn't have time to respond so I just took my money out of my basket and stuffed it into my pocket and then I wrote a note for my mother.    

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