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|Who else enjoys that book cover?|

Her blonde hair blew in the wind while she walked in between her parents that were swinging their arms in a merry fashion. Her moss green eyes sparkled with childlike amusement from going on a big kid ride. The white blouse she was wearing was stain free from any greasy foods of the carnival. Going on rides at the boardwalk can make one grow tiresome and famished.

Ten-year old Emma Nolan turned to her father and asked, "Daddy can I go get a funnel cake now?" She batted her long dark eyelashes. How could he say no to his precious baby girl, of course he said yes. Handing her five dollars, she ran off to the funnel cake consessions booth. Dodging bystanders and carnival goers, Emma finally made it there to the mildly long line, patiently and eagerly.

Until one lady turned around casually and her eyes landed on the little girl behind her and something disturbing caught her eye. "Hey kid are you okay?" The lady asked, concerned, like any decent person would be.

Emma smiled sweetly, nervous and hesitatated to answer because 'Stranger Danger' was her mother's number one rule. Then Emma felt like her nose was running and proceeded to wipe it. "Why wouldn't I be. . ." She looked at the back of her hand and took notice of the red thick liquid that coated it.

Now Emma has a strong stomach, so blood wouldn't necessarily freak her out but then her head started to feel like it was spinning and like she was drowning because she couldn't breathe, this caused her to pass out with the blood oozing out of her nose, running over her bottom lip and onto her shirt. Not even a light shaking could wake her after she hit the surface, unconscious.


The goosebumps are on his arm caused by the cold air of the hospital, made his arm hair stand on end. Combed into a quiff on his head, his jet black hair stayed in place when he turned a sharp corner, maneuvering between patients in wheelchairs. His white lab coat bellowing behind him as he moved swiftly through the barely busy corridors made a swooshing sound every corner he turned. Currently interning at the local hospital to earn credits before college, eighteen-year old Killian Jones followed around his advisor, Dr. James Wilson, head of the oncology department, as he made his daily rounds of checking on his cancer patients.

"Jones all you have to remember is to always make the patient feel comfortable," whispering, Wilson informed while walking into a patient's dark room to hold their hand and comfort them.

Copying his tone with the addition of his Irish tongue while checking out a promiscuous nurse wearing tight scrubs, Killian said, "Yeah I heard you the first five times but I will keep that in my memory bank, I assure you." This was his first day interning and all he'd been able to do was run his hypnotizing ocean blue eyes up and down nurses' bodies. He's not complaining but this isn't what he signed up for.

Instead of watching Dr. Wilson console with a terminal illness patient, Killian set out for the first doctor he met here at Storybrooke General, Victor Whale. When he finally found him coming out of the clinic with a smug smirk on his face Killian said, "Is that what a oncologist does, patronize cancer patients that already know they're going to die because if it is-"

Suddenly a bustle of people burst in through the E.R double doors. The paramedics were focused on the stretcher they were pushing that held an unconscious blonde little girl with a blood stained neck and shirt. Whale rushed to the girl's aid and questioned the parents, Killian followed his lead but stayed at a good distance not to get in the way.

"What happened?!" Whale asked frantically, trying to put his stethoscope to Emma's chest as they wheeled her to a room. Her breathing was labored.

"We don't know! We were at the carnival and--and she left to go get a funnel cake and when we noticed she was gone for longer than we expected. . .we went to find her at the fu--funnel cake stand but as we got closer there was a crowd gathered around her (though we didn't know at the time it was her) and that's how we found her! " Rambling loudly, Mary Margaret Nolan explained.

"Please just fix our baby!" David Nolan cried.

Killian looked around at all the doctors in their element. Trying to save a life; that's what he wants to do. David and Mary Margaret looked so scared, scared for their only daughter's life, especially because this happened all too abruptly. Who knew their day would end up like this?

While the nurses were setting her up on an IV, Killian creeped up to Whale and whispered, "So. . .what's wrong with her?"

Whale looked at Killian, very nervous, not knowing what to do and having not a clue in the world what's going to happened to Emma, or what happened to her, he replied truthfully, "I don't know."

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