Chapter 5

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Hermione flung the doors of the Headmasters' office open and stormed towards the pensieve. She got it out a quickly and poured the tear into it. Almost immediately, she was pulled into the memories of Tom Riddle.

She was a bit disorientated at first, but after getting her balance, she opened her eyes to find herself at St. Mungos. She saw a slightly frantic Tom Riddle sitting on a bench outside of a room, his knees bobbing up and down in anticipation and nerves. His head was in his hands and he seemed to be... praying? Hermione thought that was weird but shrugged it off. This continued for another minute and then he sat up suddenly and pretty much flew into the room behind him. Hermione followed and found herself staring at the scene in front of her in bewilderment. There was a young woman lying  down on a hospital bed, Tom had scooted her over slightly and was lying next to her, they were both cooing over a baby girl that was held in Tom's arms. Hermione was a bit startled to see the pure happiness radiating from Tom Riddle's face, but somehow it felt right to her. She liked seeing him happy. She put that down as a child's nature to want to keep their parents happy. Hermione was even more startled by the appearance of the woman, she had brown hair and big brown eyes, she looked almost like Hermione did now. Only Hermione had less freckles and seemed to have inherited her father's nose and face shape.

The scene disappeared and she found herself watching flashes of her first year. All the ones that made Tom incredibly happy, it seemed that his dark ways had subsided during that year. Just as Hermione wondered what happened to make him go after Harry the scene changed again and this time didn't change immediately afterwards. Tom was pacing back and forwards, his wife was desperately trying to calm him down.

"Tom, darling, you need to stop pacing. Please tell me what is going on?"

"I can't!" Tom shrieked. "They're going to destroy everything! They're going to take my family away from me."

"Tom!" His wife scolded him. "You'll wake Hermione!"

He looked at his wife sheepishly. "Sorry." He ran a hand through his hair. "Emilia, they're going to take everything away from us."

"Tom what are you talking about? How do you know this?"

"A prophesy concerning me has been revealed. It speaks of a boy, but it could be two boys and their families, who will destroy everything I hold dear." He went up and hugged his wife. "I can't let anything happen to you or our daughter."

"Tom... don't do anything that you'll regret later."

"I won't, I'll just keep you two safe."

The scene disappeared again, Hermione saw her first birthday followed by her second birthday. Tom and Emilia seemed so happy, Tom seemed to have forgotten the prophesy for a bit, and had relaxed.

Then came a scene that made Hermione break down in tears. Tom was reading the Daily Prophet in the garden, it was the 31st of October 1981. There was a faint wind and the blue skies were completely clear. But Tom had suddenly heard a small alarm bell go off, signalling that someone had apparated into the Manor without permission. Tom ran into the building, Hermione followed close behind. They ran for what seemed like ages - it was a massive manor, bigger than Malfoy Manor by far. Tom stopped suddenly, and sniffed the air, his eyes widened and he followed the source of whatever he smelt with a new found speed. Hermione sniffed the air too and could tell why he had ran faster. They had both smelt smoke.

They ran to the sitting room, the doors were closed but they could see the flames licking the bottom of the door. Tom ran his shoulder into the door, momentarily forgetting that he had a wand, the door gave way and they were met by billows of smoke. Tom coughed slightly, trying to clear his lungs. Once he had got used to the smoke, he looked around the room and locked eyes on the culprit, just before the culprit had apparated away. Hermione was stunned at who she had caught a glimpse of: James Potter. She heard another pop behind her, and saw Frank Longbottom apparating away as well. Tom was trying to douse the flames using normal magic,  but nothing was working, so he went to using dark magic. Using a counter curse for Fiendfyre, the flames died down, allowing them to look around the room properly for the first time.

Hermione noticed Tom collapse onto his knees and crawl his way over to something. Hermione followed and started sobbing. There before them lay the charred remains of Emilia Riddle. Tom wept inconsolably, taking his dead wife's body in his arms and rocking back and forth. Hermione leant back on something, but stood upright again as she felt slightly burnt by the object. She turned around to see ashes and a few remnants of a small crib, that baby Hermione would have been laying in. Tom also seemed to have noticed the crib as he stopped crying and crawled over to it. His eyes no longer contained sorrow, a murderous glint had replaced it.

The scene disappeared and Hermione found herself in Godrics Hollow. A cloaked figure had just entered one of the houses and she could hear shouting.

"I HADN'T DONE ANYTHING! I HAD BEEN QUIET FOR A YEAR! AND YOU JUST HAD TO TAKE IT FROM ME! THEY WERE ALL I TREASURED IN THIS WORLD!" Tom paused. "And now you're going to pay." Hermione had entered the room just as he shouted AVADA KADAVRA.

The scene changed again. Voldemort was sitting at the head of a long table, his death eaters sat surrounding it.

"What do you know of the others who fought with Potter at the Department of Mysteries?" He spat. Everyone looked at the ground, except for Bellatrix Lestrange, whose hand shot right up.

"Longbottom's boy was there, my lord, a long with a few Weasley children and some of the Order of the Phoenix."

"Anyone else?" She couldn't answer that. Voldemort turned to a bonde-haired boy, a new addition to their ranks. "What about you, Draco, can you answer that?"

Draco swallowed. "Hermione would have been there." He mumbled.

"What was that?"

Draco swallowed again. "Hermione Granger would have been there, my lord." He said, louder.

"What?" Voldemort started finding it hard to breathe, remembering his daughter always hurt him. "Who is she?" He asked rather breathlessly.

"Hermione Granger is a mudblood, she's best friends with Potter and Weasel, and a complete know-it-all."

Voldemort took a few deep breaths. "It's just a coincidence. My daughter is dead." He muttered to himself.

"Do you have any orders for us, my lord?" Bellatrix looked killing crazy, Voldemort rolled his eyes slightly at the sight.

"Bring Potter to me. I want to deal with him personally. Do what you want to the others... but don't hurt the Granger girl."

The scene shifted to the Battle of Hogwarts, Voldemort had just announced that Harry was dead. But he suddenly faltered, not because Harry had suddenly come back, but because he spotted someone. A girl who resembled he dead wife, and what he assumed his daughter would grow up to be. In that moment, he started to carve something out on his arm and had just finished when Harry Potter took it upon himself to engage in another battle between the two.

The scene disappeared and Hermione found herself on the floor of the Headmasters' office. She collected the tear from the pensieve, as she didn't want anyone to know what she had just found out, and sprinted back to the Great Hall. Desperate to find out what he carved into his arm.


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