Chapter 10

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"Jack, do ten chin-ups and ten pull-ups time you won't speak while I'm talking. Now everybody hold your fighting form and thrust your arms forward like I taught you...One, two, one, two..."

Drew's voice was loud and full of the authority befitting a coven prince as he taught some of the freshly turned coven members how to fight which was his responsibility as Coven warrior and first heir to the throne. He walked round and corrected some of the student's weak forms as they continued training.

"Alright guys, that's all for today...see you tomorrow...latecomers get 20 chin-ups and squats each."

Drew was cleaning his sweaty neck when he heard a timid voice behind him, "Prince Drew?"

"Yes." He turned around to face the owner of the timid voice who happened to be none other than the servant he had seen with Ciara the other day.

"Ciara asked me to tell you that she has decided."

Drew blinked once as he processed that information. After about three days, Ciara had finally made a decision?

"I'll be there after a quick shower, Thanks." Drew said taking a bottle of water from the cooler, opening the lid and pouring it on his head.

He turned to walk to his room only to find the servant staring intently at him. He followed her gaze to his naked muscular chest and realized that she was staring intently at the beads of water making their way to his jeans.

He was about to shake her when she seemed to come back to herself. She moved her gaze away from his chest, met his gaze and with a blush scampered out of the gym.

Drew could only shake his head at the girl's weird behaviour as he went back to his room, drank a bottle of blood because he was about to meet Ciara and had a warm shower.

After yanking on a sweat shirt and pants, he went to Ciara's room. Nicole was the one who told him to come in after he knocked.

"Ciara how are you?" Drew asked as he walked to the couch.

"I'll just go now Ciara...I'll be back once you ring the bell." The servant girl smiled warmly at Ciara while intently avoiding Drew's gaze, then she-for lack of a better phrase-scampered out of the room like a rodent running from bug spray.

"I'm fine." Ciara said.

There was a fine quality of awkward silence in the room.

"So you called me h..." Drew started.

"I called you here..." Ciara said talking almost at the same time as Drew.

"You go first." Drew advised when they both went quiet again.

"I called you here to tell you that I've decided to..." Ciara stopped for a second and Drew knew she was thinking all over again about her decision.

He wasn't willing, however, to allow her make a decision which she was still thinking about after she had already called him to tell him about it so he shook his head in disapproval and advised, "I think you still need some time to think about this."

"No no no...I've decided..." Ciara paused to take a deep breath. "that I prefer to be turned to a vampire...on one condition."

"Are you sure? What condition?" Drew asked as an eyebrow went up in arrogant suspicion.

"That you turn me..." Ciara said.

Drew stood speechless as he just watched Ciara with intense amber eyes for a few minutes to see if she was making a joke. "You want me to turn you?"

"Yes...well, Nicole described some of the processes and when she told me that whoever turns me will see my past and all that, I decided I prefer my turner to be you."

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