Part 1

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Okay so I'm going to have it so that Eren is like 13 and Levi 16 when they meet

Armins' pov

Me and Eren lived in a adoption home for boys altogether there was 136 boys, and me and Eren just blended in like normal twelve year old boys.

I walked up to mine and Erens' meeting point that we went to after school I glanced around not feeling the bubbley presents of the cheerful kid.

"Eren! EREN!! " I yelped allowed.
Not long after my yelping a hand smuggled my face.

" now be quite and Neko boy won't get hurt." a deep voice whispered to me.

Short and Shit ) :
I had to post something just so this looked like a active story but readers keep reading

Wow that was sooooooo crap

And anyway bye *insert facepalm emoji*

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