Chapter 9

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Unlike Drew had thought, after and during all his daily activities which consisted mostly of training the young coven warriors-to-be, training with the coven warriors then retiring to bed and having his mandatory three-hour sleep for the night, he hadn't stopped thinking about the thurman pack's human sacrifice.

He decided that it was time to visit his mother after receiving her summons the night before when he had been unable to meet her because of her busy schedule.

When he got to his mother's room, he knocked out of courtesy even though he knew that she would be aware that he was standing in front of her door.

"Come in, son." She said.

He walked into her room to find her sitting on her bed yoga-style staring at a picture in her hand. At a second glance, he realized that there were some other pictures scattered around on her bed.

"Mother what are you doing?" He asked as he laid on her bed and grabbed one of the pictures without really looking at it.

"Looking at pictures of my friend, Adrianna..."

"The missing fae ambassador? Have you found her? Is that why you summoned me last night?"

His mother, Queen Meredith smiled slightly. "After seventeen years of searching for her? Don't be silly, Drew...If I had found Adrianna, I would never have summoned you. I would have ordered someone to take me to where you were so I could tell you the good news..."

His mother's smile disappeared replaced by a frown as she stared intently at the picture in her hand. Drew wondered how he could remove the frown from her face. "So you haven't found her?...then why did you summon me?"

"Why? Couldn't I see my son with whom I live under the same roof and haven't spoken to since our sunday dinner together?"

Drew grinned cheekily. "So you were missing me?"

"Nah! Thats not why..." His mother teased.

"Really?" Drew asked reaching out to tickle his mother.

After a long overdue mother-and-son bonding session of tickling and giggling, Drew's mother finally surrendered to her son.

"Just wait till your subjects find out that you surrendered after just a six minute session of tickling, Queen Meredith." Drew teased his mother even as he laid his head on her thighs.

The two fell silent as Queen Meredith started tenderly caressing Drew's hair with her fingers. Drew whose eyes were already closed as he enjoyed his mother's warmth was startled when she spoke, "You know, I didn't find Adrianna...but I found her daughter."

Drew lifted his head from her thighs and sat up so he could look his mother in the eye. "The child in the picture she sent? How do you know?"

"Because she looks just like Adrianna."

Drew took one of the discarded pictures on the bed and looked carefully at it only to realize that he had recently seen the face of his mother's friend in none other than...

"The thurman pack's human sacrifice?" His voice was husky as he referred to the girl whose blood made him very hungry and unsatisfied.

"You've met her?" His mother asked.

He nodded, prompting her to ask another question anxiously, "They look alike, don't they? I'm not just imagining it, right?"

"Yes they do look alike, except your friend has black hair while the human sacrifice has blonde hair..."

"Don't call her the human sacrifice, her name is Ciara." His mother snapped at him sternly.

He wasn't really shocked at the stern way she snapped at him because he knew his mother believed in giving everyone she met as much respect as knowing their names regardless of their status so he tried to appease her. "Very well, Ciara has blonde hair. But there are still a whole lot of differences, for example, your friend was fae but I'm quite sure that the hu...that Ciara is human. How do you explain that?"

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