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spooky jim christmas has started a new groupchat

spooky jim christmas has added ťýłëř , drizella kokane , and patricks best friend

spooky jim christmas has changed the groupchat name to tyler joseph is a weeabo

ťýłëř. : stfu josh no im not

spooky jim christmas : um sweat yes u are i saw u revine that free edit

ťýłëř : wow you use vine? shows what a little bitch you are

spooky jim christmas : u use it too u piece of cock shit

drizella kokane: what am i doing here

ťýłëř : leave brendon noone wants you here

spooky jim christmas : i want him here tyler hes my friend

ťýłëř : @ josh litterally die

spooky jim christmas has removed ťýłëř

patricks best friend : um what

ťýłëř has joined the group added by patricks best friend

spooky jim christmas : pete wtf

patricks best friend : i like tyler dont remove him

ťýłëř : yeah josh dont remove me

drizella kokane: @ pete did you dye your hair again yet your roots make your hair look like a fucking dipped icecream cone

patricks best friend : stfu brendon

ťýłëř : yeah brendon stfu

drizella kokane : eat shit and die tyler

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