A New Place

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After landing on the island, Selena Fletcher was grateful as her sea sickness was going away. “Honestly Selena I do not know how you can be so sick.” Her mom, Catrina, snickered, helping her husband and brother-in-law unpack. Selena stood on the side, combing her fingers through her long, straight, dirty blonde hair. Her blue eyes were staring at the two as her blue dress moved with the wind.

Selena glared, “I hate the ocean. When can we go home?”

“Come on Selena, enjoy the scenery, this is our first time on our own island.” Tim, her dad, replied. Yes, you heard him, we bought an island. For having money that has been saved from generations Tim decided to buy his whole pack an island off the Pacific. It was rather big, crescent shaped, with large cliffs and a jungle that seemed to go for miles though one could walk from one beach to the other in 5 hours.

“Dad, you know I can’t stand the outdoors, why did you not take Seth?” Selena asked, mentioning her twin brother.

“We would but your father just had to give him all that work to do.” Cristina glanced at her husband, who simply shrugged. “The boy is going to be Alpha soon, it is about time he starts acting like one.” Selena felt kind of bad because she knew how much her brother wanted to come; he likes the outdoors while she hated them. But being the Alpha of one of the biggest werewolf packs in the world was a big job to do.

After everything was off their medium-sized motor boat they set up camp. Three tents all together; one for Catrina and Tim, one for Selena, and one for Daniel, Selena’s uncle who decided to do some hunting in the unknown island.

“Come on Selena, shall we go hunting some pig together?” Daniel teased, knowing how much his niece would rather be in a mall.

Selena glared, “that’s disgusting uncle.”

“Well get used to it sweetie, or this will be a long week.”

That night Tim and Daniel made the rest of the hot dogs they brought, planning to go hunting the next day, as Catrina and Selena were talking. It was a fun night, minus the bugs, that little did they know that in the jungle, someone was watching.

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