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"I can't believe she agreed to keep them here," Punishment grumbled to the other angels in her group.

"You've seen them before?" Kamikaze asked.

"Yeah, I was at the battlefield earlier. They're almost as powerful as Kita, in some respects."

"Where'd they come from again?" Tenshi asked.

"The Arconian islands. It's where Kita's been hanging out for the last five years."

"I'm not impressed," Amber sneered.

"Me either," Jewels agreed. "They just look like copies of Kita and why would Kita chose one of them instead of Snowy?"

"I don't know, but Kita's got much better taste than her," Punishment answered with distain.

"Snowy can be an elitist bitch, but she's better than that piece of trash," Amber replied.

"I still think we should go add a little red to that albino's face," Anthrax snarled.

"A lot of red," Amber smiled.

"I'm sure she's nice enough when she's not feeling threatened and I'm sure my Mom saw something in her that was special," Nina replied to the fallen angels.

"And what if she did start something?" Amber asked.

"If she was stupid enough to touch Nell she'd have a hundred foot dragon standing on top of her," Nina replied. "I'm just telling you two not to start something. We haven't even met this Roo. I'm sure she's very nice."

"That is not exactly a quality Kita looks for in a partner," Anthrax answered.

"I can't believe she'd spend five years with them," Tenshi commented shaking her head.

"She said she was working, but you notice she knelt before Megan the first time?" Jewels replied.

"Working for Megan? I can't see Mom working for anyone unless there's a payout at the end," Kamikaze answered.

"She seems slightly different, too," Jewels added.

"I noticed that," Anthrax replied. "I can't figure out what's different."

"Kita's coming," Amber said alerting to the others.

"Should we pretend to be talking about something else?" Jewels asked.

"What's it matter?" Nina replied. "She was most likely listening in anyway. She'll just be polite and pretend she wasn't."

"Once an assassin, always an assassin," Punishment confirmed.

"Do you listen to everything going on around you?" Jewels asked.

"Listening and watching. I wish I could see like Kita. It would make watching everything so much easier."

Jewels wiggled an antenna in skepticism, but the butterfly's body language was lost on the angel.

"I don't think Jewels agrees with you, Pretty Pirate," Kita smiled pleasantly.

"How do you know?" Punishment asked accusingly.

"Butterflies have subtle body language cues. Unfortunately, we have only one with is these days, still it pays to know."

"You know what? I don't even want to know how you know that," Amber laughed. Jewels wiggled both of her antennas and a wing in a silent flirty giggle to Amber.

"Well, when you're an old maid like me you pick it up," Kita smiled.

"Old, old, yes...Let's see, how many years have you been awake exactly?" Punishment asked with a smug curiosity.

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