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Kita opened the door to the empty room in the angels' penthouse. She'd passed on taking back the master bedroom, because she didn't want to clean out Sarin's stuff. This was more intimate anyway.

"Wow, this huge," Ruby smiled. "And the bed's big enough for both of us. No more trying to squeeze onto a single."

"Yeah, I try to be a little more generous than Megan," Kita sighed. She sat down on the bed and lay backward. Her mind was already drained and her day was far from over.

"You, ok? You seem less enthusiastic than I think you should be."

Kita sat up. "I'm just afraid I'm going to mess up or worse, fail."

"You're not going to fail," Ruby replied standing in front of Kita, hugging her partner to her. Kita wrapped her arms around her and rested her head on Ruby's stomach. Gently, Ruby stroked Kita's head.

"You know I'm here if you need me. This isn't your burden to bear alone." She could feel Kita's tears on her bare stomach. After a few minutes, she knelt down and wiped Kita's tears from her face. "We'll make sure we ease into it slowly. The others looked eager to help. I know you don't think so, but they do need you. You're like a naked body and they're the jewelry. Leo's a good jewelry box, but they're separated and not very useful. With you, you make them work together and make everyone dazzle."

Kita nodded slowly.

"Hey, Kita. Can..." Snowy stopped as she stepped through the open door to see the other two angels. "Oh, sorry. The door was open and..."

"It's ok," Ruby replied. "Just talking out the day."

Snowy came over and put a hand on Kita's shoulder. "You ok, Kitten?"

"Please don't touch me," Kita answered.

Snowy snapped her hand away. "I'm sorry, habit I guess. I'll talk to you later."

"Did you need something?" Ruby asked.

"I just wanted to talk about Kylee. I'm sorry, Kita. I know I failed you and I hope you'll forgive me in time."

"I'm just an angry and protective mother. I'm not the one you should be asking forgiveness from," Kita replied quietly.

Snowy nodded and left.

Snowy returned upstairs to the roof were the other angels waited for Kita. As usual, it was noisy with a hum of excitement. She hoped Kita's calm and somber mood wasn't going to bring everyone down.

Spotting Phoenix in a knot of angels, which included Valentine and Toxic, she made her way to them. She wanted nothing more than to get back into Kita's good graces and Kita was right, her transgressions were against Phoenix, not Kita. Kita was just being protective.

"Hello," she said pleasantly. All she got back was surprised looks and concerned faces. Arial was the only one to return the greeting.

"Hello, Miss. It's good to see you. I've missed you."

"I've missed you, Sweetheart. How are you doing up north?"

"Very well, Miss. Nina and Anthrax are very fun to play with."

"Good. I'm glad you're doing so well out on your own."

"They take good care of me, Miss. They've helped upgrade my environmental systems."

"I will have to thank them when I see them." Snowy looked around at the other angels, she could tell she wasn't very popular. "Kylee, can I speak to for a moment?"

"Now isn't a good time," Valentine said immediately.

Phoenix bit her lip.

"Don't call us, we'll call you," Toxic added.

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