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Phoenix struggled to keep the wall of flame burning while the infantry regrouped. After two passes, she was exhausted and now was finishing burning the third hole. She took the ride up and angled back down immediately to avoid silhouetting herself and making herself an easy target.

Valentine flew nearby shooting and launching explosive blasts at the Machines gathered at the wall. Ruby was on the ground smashing her way though more with brutal efficiency. As soon as Phoenix appeared, they immediately withdrew to surround the teenager.

"Come on, we're going to the other side," Ruby directed.

"No, I'm going back to my Mom," Phoenix protested.

"There's nothing you can do, Glowbug," Valentine reminded her.

"Yes there is," Phoenix pointed to the underside of her bracer showing off the tiny feathers.

"What are those?" Valentine asked curiously.

"Phoenix down," Phoenix grinned.

"From the game?"

"I think that's where Mom got the idea. She said to add them to the wound and they could heal just about anything."

"It's worth a try," Ruby replied with hope in her eyes.

The three angels returned to the medical tent. Phoenix blew through the opening to see Emerald and the medics hooking Kita up to a stabilization tank.

"Stop," she ordered.

"Kid, if I don't get her hooked up she could become unrecoverable," Emerald argued not stopping.

"She gave me something that can help," Phoenix argued.

"Like what?"

"Phoenix down, now move," Phoenix said shoving her way into her Mom. She pulled several feathers from her bracer, not sure how many her Mom would need. She dropped them into the gapping cavity that had been opened up to allow the medics room to work. She watched them enter and dissolve. "She didn't say how long they'd take to work."

"All we can do is try," Ruby replied. "Alright, up and over to go work with TNT. You'll like watching what it can do."

Snowy watched Ruby lead the other angels up and over the battlefield. She directed Diamond to link up with Talon and Surge to finish clearing the southern end of her line. On the edge of the map she could see Rockcrusher coming in.

TNT was currently in a drag down fight with one of the worms. The destroyer packed a wallop as it pounded the Machine with its fists and a giant hammer. It didn't carry nearly as many weapon systems as Paladin, but what it did have were chewing up the Machines like a shredder.

Paladin was doing as instructed. He was raining down mortar shells and missiles on the breach hole slowing down the Machines.

Snowy opened a comm channel with the big warbot. "How are you holding up for ammunition?"

"I've deployed half of my reserves. I can keep this rate of fire up for another twenty minutes or so. My internal ammunition manufacturing capability will not be able to meet the needs you requested."

"Ok, keep it up. I'll see if I can bring in some help," Snowy replied.

"Base Station," Snowy called. "What air assets are available?"

"I've got an attack squadron," Punishment answered.

"Can they be configured for ground attack?"

"Yes, but they can't carry much."

"I don't need much. I just need a continuing bombardment once Paladin's out of ammo and until Surge can get setup."

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