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Kita and Phoenix pulled up after finishing their third flame wall pass. The pair spiraled skyward flinging fireballs into the Machines below, while calling to Snowy.

"Hey, Pretty Kitty, we're done. Where do you want us?" Kita called.

"Hopefully somewhere where we can totally destroy something," Phoenix added.

Snowy was quiet for a moment, surprised the teenager was on the comm.

"I need you both on that north end. We're going to put off the lava pool. They're still a lot of Machines intermixed with the infantry. Jane is working in the area, please don't start anything or go near her."

Kita looked at Phoenix and they both nodded.

"We won't do anything," Phoenix replied.

"We won't even finish it if she starts it," Kita confirmed.

"How come I feel like I'm letting a cat guard a canary?" Snowy sighed.

"I don't know. What would you do with a canary?" Phoenix asked.

"har, har. Get going, both of you," Snowy ordered.

"Do you want work on the ground or in the air?" Kita asked Phoenix.

"What do you want to do?" Phoenix asked unsure.

"I'll work the ground and you cover me from above?"

"Ok, works for me."

"You want to make an entrance?" Kita smiled.

"Fire splash?" Phoenix grinned. It was a maneuver Kita had taught her back on the islands in the confines of the destroyer hanger bay.

"Ok, there's a big knot of Machines over there. We'll launch upward, fall, and dive. I'll follow you."

Phoenix turned skyward and Kita followed her to two thousand feet. There they let gravity take over. They rolled over and dove for the ground.

Phoenix struck first, hitting the ground sending a shockwave and wall of flame damaging all the Machines in its wake. As Phoenix bounced back into the air, Kita struck twenty yards away with more force and energy, finishing off the damaged Machines and destroying another large group.

Kita drew her swords and launched herself at a driller. She struck with both swords, leaving two large gashes. She flipped upward and slammed both swords into the top of the Machine's head. A purple black blast finished it off. While she fought, she kept an eye on Phoenix as the girl rained down fireballs and swooped in low blasting several Machines at once with her enhanced plasma lance.

The pair worked quickly clearing Machines and pointing the infantry toward the safe route out of the area. A trio of seekers attacked Kita at once. As she sliced through one, the other two lunged forward and wrapped her up. To get free, she started to heat up and melt her way out. Without warning Phoenix came in, slamming into the back of a seeker smashing it like it was an egg. The teenager leapt back into the air charging up her fist. Extending her bracer into a blade she plunged it into the head of the second seeker. She fired the charge and the Machine's head exploded.

Kita flexed shedding the Machines tentacles. "Thanks, Sweet Pea," Kita smiled at Phoenix.

"Yeah, yeah, going to be a full time job keeping you out of trouble," the teenager couldn't help by smile a tiny bit.

"It's always someone's job," Kita winked. "I think we're done in this area."

"Hey, Snowy, we've slaughtered all the machines. Where do we go now?" Phoenix asked over the comm.

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