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Kita leaned on a rail overlooking the destroyer bay. The already hurrying crews were now frantic as other crews from Prime and Devastator had moved over to help get Rockcrusher and TNT ready. Currently a series of cranes was lifting the massive left chest plate upward to attach it to the chassis. Inside you could see the hydraulics, magnetic pistons, actuators, motors and the secondary and supplementary engines crammed into the tight space. It was amazing what it took to connect the head, shoulder, and lower torso together and to make it move as a unit. Behind her, she saw Toxic and Phoenix enter the viewing area gawking at the massive machines and looking around the viewing area.

"Over here ladies," Kita called pleasantly. "If you are looking for me."

"Yeah, we thought we should bug out while the rest were still confused," Toxic replied.

"I'm glad you came looking for me. I've barely gotten to say 'hello' to you Kara."

"No big deal," she replied with a shrug.

"Of course it's a big deal. I consider you my little sister. Having you here means a great deal."

"You seem awfully calm for someone ready to rip Snowy's head off and everyone else's," Phoenix pointed out.

Kita sat on the rail to face the two. "Hmm, I've had to learn some anger management since I've been here and I don't mean shoving it down and burying it so it can fester. I'm still pissed at Snowy and Jane, and I will let them have the full fury they deserve, but that doesn't mean the two of you should get any of it." Phoenix had been toeing the ground as Kita had been talking. "Something on your mind, Kylee?"

"You didn't leave because of me did you?"

"Oh heavens no, Sweet Pea. It had nothing to do with you and all about my own selfishness. I doubt Jane or Snowy have told you about that night?"

Phoenix shook her head.

"Well, let me go back some. Leaving to go work in the mine was a mistake. It took me away from you and I convinced myself of the wrong things. I should have followed my instinct and tried not to ram myself into a hole I wouldn't fit in. As you both know being a fallen angel and evil leaves you to be self-centered at the very least. I wanted it to work with Snowy and Jane, so I was willing to give up a lot. Then Jane asked me if I could be equal and not be the center. I answered honestly and it scared me. I came here to learn what it's like to be on the bottom. No agenda to climb up, just what it's like to follow orders and not be the center of everything. It's been hard and eye opening. I've never really been on the bottom before. It's similar to the mine, but more relevant. I'm terribly sorry my letters and gifts never made it to you. Did you get what I sent you, Kara?"

"You sent me something?" Toxic asked astonished.

"Sure I sent letters to you and to everyone. I sent a leash and some vent glass to Spike and Leo as a wedding gift. I tried to send each of my daughters a letter every year and present over the last five years. Damn. I was really hoping you'd like it being into archeology. It was complete skull of a t-rex I killed a few years ago. I had it specially crated and everything. Kara Laramie, Laramie Manor, Wheaton, District two, right?"

"Yeah, that's the right address. But that's paleontology. Still, that would have been awesome," Toxic replied in the happiest voice Kita had heard from her in years.

"Really trying to buy your way out of this, huh?" Phoenix asked with a smile.

"The mine taught me it was important to stay in touch. A lot of the early letters explained why I'd left, just not where to. I even had a mailbox set up in case anyone wanted to write back. Guess my first act when I get back is to investigate the postal system."

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