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"Code yellow. Repeat, code yellow. Movement detected at the fifteen hundred foot level. All Sappers and angels report to the situation room."

The warning message repeated several more times, as people inside The Vault ran toward their ready stations.

Diamond blew in with the other angels coming behind her.

"Take a seat, ladies," she ordered the younger angels.

"Cobb, what's the status?" Diamond demanded.

"Graph six-two-two reported movement, both lateral and vertical, followed by seven-one-two. Nine-eight-three has also reported movement."

"Why's this a yellow alert? That's over in the middle of..."

"That's near Brickforge," Snowy announced. "How did you get my system working? They destroyed all the relays."

"I told you we were pushing forward. You did the hard part. Getting your system working again was easy." Megan said breezing into the room. "The reason we care about this Di is because half our new angels are from there. I think it's only fair we help protect their home. Plus, it's time to reestablish Kita as the leader she is."

"How are we going to get there?" Diamond demanded.

"Sit down, child, before I plant you in a chair," Megan ordered.

Diamond huffed and took a seat between Emerald and Kita.

"Alright children, listen up. I hope you new girls have gotten a good work up over the last couple of days. We have one of the largest groups of Machines moving toward the dry surface. Cobb, what's the mass?"

"Estimated at over ten thousand tons, Lady Rose."

"Good golly miss Molly," Jim whistled.

"They're going to need our help," Megan announced.

"If we leave who's going to be here to protect us?" Emerald asked.

"Even doubling the angel strength, we can't go against that many Machines at once without destroyer support," Diamond pointed out.

"We won't be underwater either. They're going to be able to dance and slide around like a pig in crap," Tad added.

"I'm getting there," Megan snapped. "Now, shut up."

"Valentine, I know you have heavy support shuttles how much can they lift?"

"About five hundred tons. How much does a destroyer weight?"

"TNT ways a little over nineteen hundred tons," Jim answered. "I'm the lightest off the bunch."

"Holy mother of god," Valentine gasped.

"I thought Paladin was heavy at three hundred tons," Snowy said impressed.

"I only have eight heavy transports," Valentine remarked.

"Get them here. We can rig it so we can carry the two lightest destroyers," Megan directed.

"Currently three are on a mission," Valentine replied.

"Then pull them," Megan ordered.

"Admiral Sheppard won't be happy."

"If we don't bring our destroyers we might as well not go and they can kiss Brickforge goodbye," Megan reminded the angel.

"With your permission I will cut the orders," Valentine asked.

"Wait until we're finished planning. What units does the Admiral have in that at area?"

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