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"So, the great and powerful Snowy. I expect you to be the size of a destroyer, fire laser beams from your eyes, and shoot fireballs out your ass. I'm a little disappointed," Diamond said full of disdain.

"At least you've heard of me," Snowy replied calmly. "That's more than I can say for you and your fake gem princess tiara friends."

"The ones who need to know who I am, do. For trash like you, I don't want you to know. I don't want you to be jealous of me, Em, and especially of Roo."

"That's a lot of talk for a cheap copy," Snowy replied. "She's done this before, but don't expect her to fall in love you like she did Jane. Kita only likes pretty faces and beautiful bodies hanging on her arm. You're more like one of her pets from the Advanced Research Wing."

"I'm not as hot-blooded as you think I am."

"I wasn't thinking that at all. I was thinking cold blooded. I was also thinking I thought I was a genetic freak. Yours must be like spaghetti that's sat around in a warm dumpster for a week. Kita and Megan would have been better off reanimating a corpse...or maybe they did. Either way, you'll never be a true angel like Em and Ruby. Angels have to beautiful, stylish, and sexy as hell. How long did you have to crawl in the dirt and beg her to even be in her presence? Or did Megan take pity on you and make Kita take you?"

"Shut up, you disgusting worthless rug," Diamond snarled as she spun striking out at Snowy.

The big cat blocked the blow with her claws and held fast, surprising Diamond.

"What? You think Kita's the only one who tinkers with her body?" Snowy smiled viciously. She threw her arms open throwing Diamond's fist backward. Performing a roundhouse kick, she sent Diamond flying backward. With a snarl, Snowy's body flexed and a stream of lightning bolts shot down the hallway. The other angel hung in the air suspended by the hundreds of thousands of volts flowing through her. Snowy phased in behind her and brought a fist down on the girl's back driving her into the ground.

Diamond struggled to get up, Snowy let her and waited. With steely eyes, Diamond fired a burst of purple energy. Instead of punching through Snowy, the cat's claws absorbed the energy.

Snowy took a deep breath and blew a frozen wind down the hall, freezing the other angel's exposed skin. She sprang down the hallway flipping toward the stricken angel. Somersaulting in the air, she struck the angel in the face with her fist. Grabbing Diamond's shoulder in her jaws, Snowy flipped the girl over her and into the wall. Driving her claws into the angel's back, Snowy slammed her to the ceiling and then to the floor twice, before spinning and hurling her through a wall. Snowy phased in front of the angel and caught her by the throat and lifted her over her head.

"You aren't even a pathetic copy," Snowy snarled. "I can snuff you out on a whim, angel." Snowy's voice jumped to a roar as her eyes began to arc electricity to Diamond. "There is a reason I'm mentioned in the same breath as Kita, you fool. My patients for enduring garbage like you are only slightly longer than hers. My daughter and partner are gods, and I am just a step below them. Remember your place girl or find a new one six feet under."

Snowy tossed the smoking body into the hallway passed a number of guards who'd responded to the disturbance. She stepped through the hole in the wall into a group of weapons pointed at her. Valentine, Phoenix, Toxic, and Emerald waited behind them not sure of what to do.

Kita and Ruby stood far down the hallway watching. Kita and Snowy's eyes met for a moment. Kita raised an eyebrow as a volume of information passed between them. Taking Ruby's hand Kita started leading her away.

Ruby refused to move. Instead, she pulled Kita toward the others. "Come on, you're talking to them," she said with finality in her voice.

"I don't want to," Kita protested.

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