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Megan led Snowy and Valentine into her private lab. The door closed and locked behind them. In the corner was a desk where she steered the others.

"Don't touch, but I shouldn't have to tell either of you that," Megan said as she sat down at her desk. She tapped on a screen for a few minutes clearing the messages that had come in. "Have a seat, ladies."

Snowy and Valentine sat, looking rather uncomfortable.

"You don't seem upset or surprised we're here," Valentine commented.

Megan leaned back in her chair with an intrigued smile. "Should I?" She asked.

"Well, you did tell us to leave, Ma'am."

"Do you know who I am?"

"Megan MacKay. Chief Science Officer on the colony ship. Leader of the Arconians. Title..."

Megan cut her off. "I don't need to know my own dossier. I am not at all surprised that the oldest of Kita's friends would come back looking for her. Now, I know Snowy, but you are and aren't Omega. Who are you?"

"I am Omega's last creation. I am Saint Valentine. I was created to continue Omega's prime directive."

"Protect Jane Gjord, I am familiar. So, you are what happened to my favorite AI? You seem more tactful than it ever was."

"I am Kita's aide or at least I was. I have been working for Admiral Sheppard. I have come back to beg Kita to return. I miss her and if I can't convince her to return, I was hoping I could beg her to stay."

"Running away? I don't blame you. Admiral Sheppard is one of those uptight military types."

"It is more than that. I am used to being connected to Kita. Without her I feel lost and I think she needs me."

"I don't know about that, but I understand you weren't connected for long."

"I share the bond that she and I forged as well as the one she and Omega forged."

Megan nodded. "You are an asset I will gladly accept. I'm sure Kita won't mind, not that it matters. Now, Snowy, what brings you here? I would have thought you bright enough to get the message."

"Kita, of course. Had I known she was with a partner I wouldn't have hurried."

"Roo has been good for Kita. My granddaughter and I have talked at great length over the events of the last decade or so. I have been impressed and disappointed by what she's done. I'm not sure if I made a mistake letting her fly free like she did. I think I may have misjudged her maturity level. I will say, she does create an awful mess."

"I don't understand, Megan. All reports said you were dead," Valentine replied.

"Kita is very inventive and like her I learn. She figured out an ingenious way of keeping herself alive even if her body dies. I copied it. She knew I was alive. She's very good at asking the questions overlooked by others, like, an MIB bullet shouldn't be able to penetrate an angel's skull, unless she wants it to, so where would Megan go to wait? For her it was an obvious answer. I'd go home."

"But this wasn't here the last time I was here," Snowy replied curiously.

"You think Arcone Station was the only construction project I had going on over the last ten thousand years? The Vault is home to another splinter group of Arconians. One that has known about the Machines far longer than you and your Mexorks. Like you, we struggled to hold our own. That's where the destroyers came from. I borrowed some plans from Paladin, super sized them, fixed some technical issues, and built four three hundred foot giants to protect our islands. Even the Machines can't penetrate their armour. When Kita arrived a little over five years ago she brought the crystal tech with her. We've been harvesting and guarding that ship ever since. With it we've been on the offensive. The four of them go down regularly and destroy thousands of Machines at a time. We've been so successful we've expanded our patrols as far as Razor's Reef and the east coast of the southern part of The Mass. I don't know if your analysts have noticed, but we're the reason the Machines have never entered the Forest of Ash."

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