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Spike broke the water's surface carrying a load of crystal. She passed the basket to Snowy. She hopped up onto the barge.

"No sign of her anywhere, but she was here. She left notes scrawled across the wall. Beware the fleet. Vanguard force. I owe nothing. Destruction is unavoidable. I will destroy it all, it's mine. And lastly, I am not the center, but the space you exist in."

"It sounds like she's lost her mind," Punishment sighed.

"Hurt," replied Snowy sadly.

"She made her choice," Sarin replied. "She chose herself over us."

The sea around them began to bubble and churn.

"Spike, did you disrupt something down there?" Punishment yelled.

"No. I don't think so."

"Scarlett, get the stabilizers out and I'm going to let out some line on the buoys."

The water under them continued to churn and then boat lurched forward forcefully. The buoys disappeared under the surface. Something under the water had them and whatever had them was moving them fast.

"Did you see anything down there?" Talon yelled to Spike from the bridge.

"No, but it was pretty murky. This is the deepest part of the ocean. I could have passed within inches and not seen it."

"You think we should cut the lines?" Punishment yelled to Talon.

"I think we should before they damage us," she replied.

"No, wait," cried Snowy. "I don't think this is random. Look out in the distance."

Out on the far horizon barely visible were the tops of the volcanoes that made up the Arconian Islands.

"It would be the one place we didn't check," Spike sighed.

It took half an hour for them to be toed within a half mile of shore. Suddenly, whatever was pulling them stopped and left them to drift toward land. The waited in silence for something to happen.

Suddenly out of the water four shapes launched skyward. Shedding water they spiraled upward before breaking to the four points and streaking toward the barge. The four angels hit the deck causing the boat to pitch back and forth violently.

The crew took in their uninvited guests. One was Kita, that was easy to see. The black wings were unmistakable along with the long blonde hair. When she looked up half of her face was covered in a metal mask. The mask collapsed and pulled back into her skull. The eye under the mask rotated ninety degrees and retracted back into the socket. Casually she shook the water from her wings.

The other three angels were a mystery. There was a black haired asian, a brunette, and an albino. Each had a facemask like Kita and they retracted it. They wore black bodysuits cut in various styles and had armour in a similar fashion as Kita, but the color of the crystal was green, red, and clear, and it matched their wings. It was hard to tell if their feathers were made of crystal or not. Each ran a hand down the length of their hair to get the water out of it.

Kita turned around to her companions. "And who says we never find anything interesting when we go fishing?"

"You call this scow interesting? We should have just toed it to the bottom," said the albino angel.

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