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Because cinnamon roll is laifu
(◍ ˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)

3rd person pov

"(Y/N)-channnn" the blunette shouted from the classroom window calling the (h/c)

"Nagisa-kun?" the (h/c) turned to the blunette

"Ne (Y/N)-chan, umnn.. i need your help"

"Tell me what's your problem Nagisa-kun"


"Ne~ Nagisa-kun~ why these few days i keep see you always looking at (Y/N)-chan~?" karma said while pointing at (Y/N)

"E-ehhh?! I-it's nothing!!"

"Owh come on~ spit it out~"

"Like i said it's nothing!!" nagisa took his water bottle and drank it to avoid karma's question

"You like her?"

Nagisa choked and his face turned red "W-WHAT?! N-NO I MEAN WE'RE JUST FRIEND YOU KNOW"

"Are~ what's this?" karma open nagisa's wallet and took out your photo

"SINCE WHEN?! OH GAWD KARMA PLEASE KEEP THIS AS A SECRET" Nagisa took your photo, put in inside his wallet, and shoved it inside his pocket

"Someone's in love~ can you make her yours? If you can't I'll share this cute lil nagisa with princess costume~"

"WHA-- OK I'LL MAKE HER MINE! if that possible.." he whispering the last part

Flashback end


Karma-kun want me to confess my feelings to her" nagisa lowered his head

(Y/N) pov

"Karma-kun want me to confess my feelings to her" he lowered his head

'Damn, why my heart hurts? I mean, we're just friend but why i feel like this? It's not like i like him or what.. it's just..'

"(Y/N)? (Y/N)-chan?" he waved his hand in front of my face

"S-sorry i just think about something" i faked my laugh

"So, do you want to help me?"

"Of course!! I'll do anything for you~"

Nagisa pov

I'm so glad that (Y/N) want to help me, well i guess she didn't notice it yet(?)

"Nagisa~ I'm here~"

She entered my room and when i look at her... damn she's cute in that (f/c) dress

"Nagisa? It's embarrassing if you staring at me like that" she averting her gaze

"S-sorry! It's just, you look so cute today"

"Thanks" i heard she mumble that word

When i took my cellphone she suddenly ask "Ne Nagisa-kun, who's this lucky girl~?

I dropped my cellphone and look at her. I swear i saw her face in sad expression, or it's just my imagination?

"W-why you suddenly asked that?"

She hugged me and crying?

"(Y/N)?! What's wrong?!"

"S-sorry!! I just umnn thinking about something and that something makes me sad SORRY NAGISA!!"

"It's ok (Y/N) I'm here for you" i brushed her hair with my hand and kissed her forehead

(Y/N) pov


Imma blushing 50shades of red if that possible

"(Y/N)-chan your face is red are you sick?" he put his forehead on mine

"N-NO I'M FINE THANK YOU" i pushed his face and started to lecturing him

Nagisa pov

"Compliment her look"
"Say sweet words that can make her heart flutter"
"Give her lil stuff"
"Say that you love her"
"Got it Nagisa?"

Her smile make me worried because i can sense that her smile is fake

"Yes I'll do my best~" i gave her a smile

"Oh and don't forget to take her to her favourite place~" she gave me a peace sign

'Damn she's cute'

"Where's your favorite place (Y/N)??"

"I love place that has a sakura tree~ why??"

"Nothing, just asking" i giggled

3rd person pov

One night

From : Nagi-chann
Subject : (*'∀`*)
Can you meet me at park??

From : (Y/N)-chan
Subject : (◍ ˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)
Sure~ right now??

From : Nagi-chann
Subject : ~
Yep~ cyaa

(Y/N) closed her cellphone and running to the park

'I wonder why nagisa-kun suddenly want to meet me(?) It's already late' she thought

(Y/N) arrived at the park but she couldn't find nagisa

From : Nagi-chann
Subject :
Look at you right side

(Y/N) turned to her right side and saw Nagisa under the sakura tree. (Y/N) widen her eyes. She saw Nagisa, holding a (f/flower) bouquet, standing under the sakura tree


Nagisa pulled her into hug and said "(N/Y)-chan, be mine"

(Y/N) shocked and she can feel heat spreading on her cheeks

"(Y/N) I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable but--"

Nagisa felt something soft on her lip
(Y/N) kissed him
He kissed back before (Y/N) pulled away

"I love you (Y/N)"

"I love you too~"

Sakura flowers fallen from the tree, the starlight spread around the sky, yellow creature with pink face, and of course the sadistic redhead

First crappy story in this book (இ﹏இ'。)

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