10. He Hurts You During Sex

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You woke up to an empty space in the bed next to you. You savoured the feeling of the fresh sheets against your bare skin. Last night you and Harry had gotten it on, pretty rough and now you were feeling the consequences as you could barely stand. Your legs shook, barely supporting you as you slipped a loose summer dress on, not even able to move your legs enough to slide your panties on, you went downstairs anyway knowing it would just be Harry. You smell bacon and follow your nose to the kitchen, suddenly feeling ravenous. Harry smiles as he spots you in the doorway.

"Hey babe." He says sweetly, winking at you. You smile and gingerly sit at the table. "You okay?" He asks, frowning at you. You wince as your behind comes into contact with the chair. Harry frowns even more.

"Yeah, sorry, just a little sore from last night." You tell him, managing a smile. He laughs and puts a plate of bacon and eggs in front of you before kissing your forehead.

"Sorry about that, but you know you loved it." He winks. You laugh as you chew some bacon.

"I did." You admit. Harry insists on staying in bed with you for the rest of the day and watching movies to make you feel better, after all, you can't be sore tomorrow, you have work.


You roll over in the morning onto your back after a long night of rough sex with your boyfriend Louis, one thing had lead to another and before you know it you were bound to the bed by your wrists and Louis was smacking your behind roughly. You groan as your bum comes into contact with the sheets, arching your back to try and take the pressure off your bum. You hear Louis chuckle lightly from beside you. You turn to face him and sigh as you're now on your side. "My butt hurts!" You complain as you look at him, your eyes bleary with sleep. He looks so sexy after waking up! His hair all tousled, his face creased from where the pillow left imprints in it.

"Rough night huh?" He smirks.

"It was fun though." You admit and he laughs again.

"I can massage it better if you'd like, i have some lotion." At first, you thought he was joking, but his face was serious. You're silent so he takes that as a yes and gets out of bed, his perfect naked bum on display for you to see. He grabs the lotion from your ensuite. "On your front." He tells you. You do as he says and lay on your stomach, resting your head on your hands. He squirts cold lotion onto your behind and you squeal at the coldness. He starts massaging your bum cheeks, his skilled hands giving you relief. After a while his hands slip down to your thighs and start massaging them too. You silently moan at the tingling sensation his hands are leaving behind. His hands start stroking the insides of your thighs and you know what he's doing. He uses his hands to spread your legs apart before plunging one finger inside of you and thrusting it in and out while you moan in intense pleasure. And so began round two...


You and Liam went out for dinner with the boys and he couldn't keep his hands off you all night. On the way home in the car you decided to tease him like he had been doing all night, you rested your hand on his thigh and he looked to you, a wide smile plastered on his face, knowing what you were doing. But when you started creeping your hand higher he kept on trying to make you stop because it was 'dangerous'. You thought it was fun though so you kept your hand there, gently rubbing the inside of his thigh through his jeans. When you got home he pulled you out of the car and you both ran up to the front door laughing like naughty children As soon as you were inside, you kissed passionately. Which turned into a hot make out session. Soon enough both of you are on top of your shared bed, naked, Liam hovering over you, big brown eyes clouded with lust. He kisses you again, his tongue plunging into your mouth, not even asking. You loved this side of Liam, the side of him no one saw, when he was taken over by passion and lust. He pulls away and places a small kiss on the end of your nose.