Chapter 34

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(Gemini Pov)

SURPRISE... I Heard After I Walked Threw The Door As I Flicked On The Lights... People Of All Shapes, Sizes And Heights Jumped Up And Out From Everywhere.... Except...

"Yall Come Pull Me Out" Someone Said Causing Us All To Turn In One Direct.

And There Was Uncle Villie Old Big Chubby Behind Stuck Behind The Couch...

Giolani And Lani Went And Pulled Him Out As Everybody Erupted In Laughter... "Why The Hell Would You Even Try To Hide Uncle Villie?" Lani Said.

"Kiss My Ass Nephew" He Said To Lani.

"He Got To Find It First" Gramps Said.

"I Would Tell You Some Old Man... But I Aint Gone Hurt Your Feeling" He Said To Gramps Who Sat On A Rocking Chair Im Guessing He Brought With Him Cause This Was Never Here. I Dont Remember Buying One.

"You Know And Everybody In The Room Knows Whoever Come After GrampSoCool Gets Put Down Hard" Gramps Said.

"Whatever" Uncle Villie Said.

"He Shouldve Just Sat On The Couch... He Aint Need To Hide" Aunt Trace Said.

"You Know You Talk To Much Shit Right" Uncle Villie Said As He Dusted His Self Off. "And I Wasnt Hiding" He Said.

"Then What You Was Doing?" Aunt Trace Asked.

"Chasing Crumbs" Mama Said And Together They Both And Everybody Started Laughing.

Ma, Aunt Trace And Uncle Villie Are All Siblings With Unc Villie As The Youngest. They Argue All The Time... And Stay Cracking On Each Other... Its Always Either Aunt Trace And Ma Against Unc Villie Or Unc And Ma Againt Aunt Trace They Always Double Teaming Each Other.

"Yall Leave My Baby Alone" My Grandma Said. "We Aint Here To Crack On Each Other" She Said.

"Happy Birthday Baby" She Said Approaching Me.

"Happy Birthday Gemini" Everybody Said.

After Grams Kissed Me... Everybody Started Greeting Me One By One... All My Friends And Family Were Here All Here To Celebrate With Me...

Then My Sister Came And Led Me To My Gift Table...

"I Feel Like A Little Kid" I Said As I Admired All The Gifts On The Table.

"Your Loved Thats All" She Said.

Ive Seen Everybody Except Janiq... "Hey You Seen Janiq?" I Asked Her.

"She Was Here... But I Dont Know Where She Went" Chloe Said Looking Around. "Im Sure She'll Pop Up" She Said.

"Yeah I Hope..." I Said. "But Wheres Your Boo... I Need To Consult With Him" I Said.

"For What?" She Asked Me.

"Cause Im Your Brother... I Have To Do These Things" I Said Looking Around.

"Looks Like Your Other Brother Beat Me To It..." I Said As I Spotted Lani And Gio Chatting With Levy.

" I Said As I Spotted Lani And Gio Chatting With Levy

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