chapter 17.5

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Elizabeth pov.

" well I have no use for you anymore" He said and he let me out of his possession. I felt the chain unlock.

Blood. Blood was all I saw when I woke up. I stood there with a knife in my hand and, blood. How did this happen? I looked around. I saw him and immediately slid over to him, my knees started to bleed. I really didn't care. I looked at him and smiled. I knew he wouldn't approve for what I'm going to do but it was my fault he was like this. I didn't even notice the others by the doorway.

I felt all my strength leave me. I fell to the ground .

He caught me, of course

" Merlin what happened. I thought A wound from a goddess couldn't heal?" he said holding  me.

" Well she was a druid goddess. In other words a goddess of healing." she said"She can heal anything. but healing a demon was the most biggest taboo she could commit. This could very well mean her life. Healing you put quite a toll on her body."

His demonic power was coming out. Merlin put a magical force-field around us. ( Perfect Cube)

He immediately came to Me. He still had his demonic power on. 

He rushed to my side and picked me up from the ground. My body was on his legs and He was holding me back.

" Elizabeth!" He said quietly.

" Meli-o-odas-sa-ma" I choked out.

" Elizabeth say something!" He said crying.

" I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you." I said trying my best to talk.

" No Elizabeth You did! Better than anyone else!" I screamed and held her tighter.

" Meliodas-sama I'm sorry for hurting you." she said her voice starting to crack. " I've always loved you, from the moment I saw you. I'm sorry i still couldn't be of any use to you "

" I love you too Elizabeth, you were always of use don't speak like that. " I screamed.

I smiled to reassure him, then it went black.

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