chapter 19

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Elizabeth pov.

I finally found the boar hat. I had to ask a lot of people though. I was finally found the town they were supposed to be, but the town was sooooooo big.

I was on the outskirts of the town when i saw meliodas. I was trying to keep up with him then he just disappeared. Must be my mind playing tricks on me. I hadn't slept in two days. I had to find Meliodas anyway I couldn't rest.

I finally found the tavern shortly answered. It was closed but they didn't have the door looked. Of course.

I walked in to find Diane, she was cleaning tables.

" sorry we're not open yet" she said.

" It's only been a couple weeks how different could I look?" I said taking off my cloak.

" Elizabeth!?!" She said. She ran hugging me. I think she was crying but then again, I couldn't see her face.

" Diane!!!" I said wrapping my arms around her.

" BUT HOW?!?!?" She said yelling.

" Shut up" Ben said walking out of the kitchen." ah Elizabeth, how did you get here? Or am I still drunk?" He said rubbing his eyes.

" Nope" Diane said.

" Ah captain will be happy when he sees you" Ban said with a smirk.

" Oh yeah, where is he anyway?" Ban said looking up.

I knew what he meant. He knew where he was but he was sleeping and he didn't want to wake him up so wake him up for me. Yup, I spent so much time with the sins I know everything about them. Even some of their darker secrets.

I went up to his room and slightly opened the door.

" What do yo-" He said with a irritated voice. But he was interrupted when I ran and kissed him.

" I don't have to knock it's my room too ya know" I said teasing him. He embraced me hard. I mean wow, that hurt. But I really didn't care. I was happy that i finally found him.

" Elizabeth,but how I saw you!!! You died!!!" He said and broke the kiss. I was kinda sad

" Well who else is going to keep the tavern in check?" I said smiling. My nose touching his.

" well that was hawks job but he has been all mopey since you've been gone. Well lets go wake him up" I said getting up from the bed. He followed. I turned around to tell him something but I was scared for life. In a good way. I saw Meliodas with only underwear on. I Blushed like crazy at the sight.

" Meliodas-sama" I said looking away very I mean very fast.

" ah, sorry Elizabeth." He said. I think he blushed a bit. He quickly put his pants on.

I made to the door. I fainted. He quickly caught me.

" Ah, sorry." I tried to get up but failed he caught me AGAIN.

" Elizabeth are you okay? you look like you haven't slept in days." He looked worried.

"correction two days." I said matter of factly. He only looked at me sturner.

"well i can't have you fainting on me when you just got here."

I just realized he wasn't wearing a shirt.

" Meliodas-sama" I said blushing.

he looked down and saw he was shirtless.

" oh yeah" He said

He carried me to the bed. he put on a shirt. Then layed back down.

" Meliodas-sama...... d-do you love m-me? " I asked and blushed. I already knew I asked but t sounded so nice when he said he loved me.

" well we have kissed. Multiple times. So i do i guess. Yeah I do actually." He said scratching his head.

" r-really" I said my face lighting up.

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