chapter 17

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Meliodas pov.

I immediately went to Elizabeth. My demonic power still on. I tried to get near her but it didn't work. Must be because I had my demon powers were still on. I tried to turn them off but it didn't work. I got swallowed in the darkness again. Just like with Liz.

I went on a rampage. Ban tried to calm me down. I cut him in half. Diane tried to hold me in place, I threw her across the room. King tried to use guardian on me I cut it in pieces. Merlin was by Elizabeth ready to defend. Gowther used his power to make me forget what was happening. I calmed down and immediately saw Elizabeth.

I immediately got my memories back the moment I saw her. I rushed to her side and picked her up from the ground. Her body was on my legs and I was holding her back.

" Elizabeth!" I said quietly.

" Meli-o-odas-sa-ma" she choked out.

" Elizabeth say something!" I said crying.

" I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you." She said so quietly i could barely hear.

" No Elizabeth You did! Better than anyone else!" I screamed and held her tighter.

" Meliodas-sama i'm sorry for hurting you." she said her voice starting to crack. " I've always loved you, from the moment I saw you. I'm sorry i still couldn't be of any use to you "

" I love you too Elizabeth, you were always of use don't speak like that. " I screamed.

She smiled and she went limp.

I yelled out in agony.

" I told you didn't I? If you died what would I have to live for. Elizabeth." I said my voice low and harsh.

I stayed there looking at her, motionless. Diane started getting up. King followed, then Ban. Merlin was standing there, with Gowther. Gowther had his head cocked to the side. Merlin stood there holding the side of her face looking down. Ban had his fists clenched together. Diane started crying. King putting his hand on her shoulder, his head down.

I stayed there for almost an hour. silently crying. I finally got up carrying Elizabeth. Nobody followed and I was glad they didn't. I carried her all the way to the capital. It was a very long trip but I didn't notice. 

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