Daughter, Monster, But Still Hot

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  There was a short odd silence. Chiron noticed it. Two boys sat on a bench outside a tall cabin, one pale, the other tan and covered in grease. Chiron stepped outside, Mr.D following. There was a loud roar and something large slammed into the protective barrier around Camp Half-Blood. A hellhound. But it didn't seem focused on the demigods sheltered in the protective dome. It was busy attacking something- someone outside the camp. The boys stood up.

  "Leo, Nico, check it out please. But stay inside the camp no matter what you see! Go boys! Now!"Chiron yelled. The boys nodded and ran to the camp entrance, staying in like told. There was a crowd now, the Ares cabin and Athena cabin wielded their weapons. Another hellhound came into view. And another. The greasy boy stepped outside, however the pale one grabbed his arm."Leo, Chiron said stay in the barrier!"The pale one growled. Presumably Leo, the boy tugged his arm away.

  "You stay back Nico. That's one too many hellhounds. I'll take care of them."Leo said as he swung his hammer over his shoulder. Nico hissed and tore away the 3 pound hammer, right at that moment, Leo was charged at. The hellhound roared and Leo prepared for ultimate hell but it was suddenly stopped by a pained howl. The hellhound was tossed into a tree, but it got back up. Leo didn't see what happened. It ran for him again, eyes flaring. A girl stepped in front of the victim, and swung a staff she held in her hand like a baseball bat into the hellhound's head and sent it flying. She ran forward and stabbed the staff into the chest, penetrating deeply until it stopped thrashing. She yanked it out then dropped her staff, facing the other two hellhounds.

  The girl removed her earrings.

  Leo chuckled."Girl fights. They always start by jewelry removal."He mumbled. She shouted and the earrings became a pair of dual blades within her hands. Leo blinked and looked back at Nico."Is this happening?"He questioned.

  The boy nodded in reply and yanked Leo back behind the barrier. Them along with the other campers watched as the girl mercilessly fought to slaughter the hellhounds.

  She turned to face the camp and stared at all the demigods.

  "Well, in all my years, never has a battle been so exhausting."She mumbled while walking through the barrier. She put on her earrings and her staff flew to her hand.

  "Woah!"Someone droned. "Who are you?"Another asked. She ignored them all but gave a small nod to Leo. Chiron trotted to the girl. He looked her up and down. She had a slender body, 5'3". Long silky curly brown hair up in a ponytail that reached her waist. A white cotton cloth wrapped around her chest and a silk white skirt with a golden waistband, black tights under. Her eyes were a sensational shade of blue, but it emitted a sense of royalty. Not too light, not too dark, not too exotic. Smooth tan skin. Her face constantly carrying a rich bored look."Tell me dear child, are you aware of which godly parent you have?"Chiron asked quietly. Dionysus walked up beside the centaur and the girl began to glare. When Chiron cleared his throat, she cocked a brow."No? Well, then, in the meantime, we shall set you up in the Hermes cabin until you are-" "I'm aware of who my godly parent is."She said. Her voice was sweet, kind, but also deep and commanding. Just a good enough tone. But her face was twisted into an annoyed gaze. Leo saw hidden sorrow.

  "Pray tell, who then?"Chiron questioned. The girl looked around warily. Now she seemed worried, afraid."It's okay child. Please tell us."Chiron whispered. The girl sighed then returned to her royal posture, arms crossed in a regal manner."My mother is Artemis. Goddess of Hunt." A couple of people fainted in the background. Chiron looked tempted to."Is this a joke? You seem like an Ares child. Or maybe an Athena daughter. Maybe even Aphrodite!"He began to stammer.  She stared down at her hands, becoming very uncomfortable by the amount of stares she was getting.

  Leo jumped in."Chiron, even if you're so high and mighty, I still find I have a right to tell you that calling a kid's mother a "joke" is too far."Leo grumbled, placing his hand on the girl's shoulder. Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Grover walked up closer."They didn't call me crazy when I was claimed. Why call this one crazy?"Percy pointed out. Annabeth nodded. Grover kind of trembled. The girl clutched her black staff. "Selphia."She said quickly then ran off to the woods, horrified and overwhelmed. From what had been a badass warrior lady, there came a shy afraid insecure girl who couldn't stand being stared at. Selphia? It bounced around Leo's mind. He ran after her with the others.


  There was an eerie singing that sounded like a siren as they seemed to get closer to the girl.

  "Deep in the meadow....Under the willow.."

  Leo and Percy waved the other three over as they saw a girl. But sitting with a very large monster. It was the girl from earlier. Grover whimpered. Leo growled. And the monster turned its head to show the side of its face. Long tall alert ears. Gold and teal markings along its blue eyes. Grover yelped."MONSTER!"He howled. The girl turned around, eyes wide. The beast got up, it looked like a giant dog. Twice the size of the hellhounds. It bared fangs like those of a vicious hungry sabertooth. It charged and let out a roar. Leo pulled out his hammer again but the closer it got, the larger and more menacing it became. He, along with the others, ran. Percy tried to slash at it with Riptide, but it barely made a mark on the leather skin under the thin black fur. The girl came running after. The Ares kids ran out and tried to attack but missed. It's forked tail swiped them away. Before Chiron got attacked, the girl snarled. She wore a glare that could extinguish the flames of hell.

  "Typhlotontronic Egriptitian! Get back here this instant!"She barked. The large dog cowered and groveled at her feet."You own this monster?"Grover yelped."He's not a monster! Typhlo is my familiar. Well, more or less my assigned guardian."The girl replied calmly. But as she began to get stared at again, she hid behind the pillar that was Typhlo's leg. "Who are you exactly? What is that thing and where did it come from?"Leo asked, totally into this right now.

  She stared."I'm Selphia. Typhlo is a Typhonic beast. Don't need to ask me where he came from. Just ask an Athena kid."Selphia mumbled. "Typhonic beasts are dogs from Egypt. The God of chaos, Seth, is portrayed as either a Set animal or a Typhonic beast."Annabeth answered.

  "I'm going to my cabin now."Selphia said calmly. Chiron trotted forward and stared up at Typhlo."He cannot stay here."He said. "Yes he can." Selphia merely responded. Chiron huffed."Who gave him permission if not me?" Chiron argued."My dad. Reminds me, my father would like to have a conference with you. He will be here in two days time."Selphia just acted like this was a normal conversation."Mortals cannot enter the camp."Chiron commented. Selphia merely ignored him and walked into the Artemis cabin. Even after a few minutes, there was already a knock. It became more frequent. When she opened the door, whoever it was almost punched her face. But she quickly grabbed their fist.

  "Hello there Selphia!" Leo chirped. She groaned."Who are you, what do you want, and why."She said in a dull voice. Leo looked around, uncomfortable. Scared seemingly. But all he saw was the staff on her bed. Typhlo was nowhere. "I'm Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus. Counselor of Cabin 9. Also known as the number one hot guy ever to arrive in Camp Half-Blood, not even the Aphrodite kids could beat this. I am the great Super McShizzle. I also have a giant metal dragon named Festus and I'm the one who built Argo II. I'm here because I want to be your new friend. Because you seem lonely. So yeah!" Leo grinned widely and Selphia stared."Do or don't come back tomorrow."She slammed the door in his face. He smiled'"I'll take that as a "Go ahead and try!" Because I'm not giving up."Leo said happily and ran back to his cabin.

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