Wizards (A Harry Potter Fan-fiction) Book #1

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He ran.

He ran as fast as his feet could carry him. One foot after the other, he kept telling himself. The one chain of thought keeping him moving rattled in his head like rocks in a can, one foot after the other. His chest was heaving and fear ran rampant through his veins like warriors charging into battle. One foot after the other. Left, right, left, right, left, right. The rain was coming down hard, soaking his hair and dripping down his face, but the weather couldn't stop him. He had to escape. If he wanted to live, he needed to find someplace safe, but more importantly......

....he had to get his little sister to safety.

Evil laughter echoed around the young child like a symphony of demons til it was the only thing he could hear, devouring his mind and crawling down his back. The demonic noise slid down his spine, wrapped around his chest and constricted his heart like a snake, but he continued to put one foot in front of the other.

"Please! Anyone! Help me!" the young boy shouted, praying that somehow someone would save him. That maybe, just maybe, a miracle would occur and he'd get his baby sister to Hogwarts alive. 

She was only a few weeks old, but she already had some blonde hair sprouting from the top of her head. She got her blonde hair from her mother, just as her brother had. You're probably wondering where the young children's parents were, and why they weren't protecting their children from horrible danger and possible death.

But that's the thing, their parents hadn't been fortunate enough. They hadn't been fortunate enough to save themselves from the horrible being that was now racing after their twelve-year-old son and their less-than-one-month-old daughter.

Suddenly an idea sparked inside the young boy's mind. Hagrid can help me, the boy thought. Hagrid can save her. He said he'd be around here delivering the Potter's son, he'll be able to help.

The boy continued to sprint down the street, his heart beating rapidly as his feet drummed against the cobblestone street. The souls of his heals ached from the non-stop running, blisters forming where his skin made contact with the inside of his boots. When he looked up at the streets signs and realized where he was, he huffed down the sidewalk of the neighborhood, searching for him. Instead of seeing Hagrid, sitting on a bench next to a black cat, was Professor Dumbledore. The young boy ran to his saviors, shouting and screaming for the Professor to save him.

But he was too late.

The boy felt an unimaginable amount of pain shoot through his back and he fell to his knees. He covered the baby with his body as he heard Dumbledore's shout echo around him. Bolts of green and white and evil laughter seemed to surround him as he-who-shall-not-be-named and Dumbledore battled when the dark figure had approached. The boy looked down at his little sister for one last time before he would join his parents.

"I'll tell Mum and Da that you're alright. I love you, Chloe. Good luck." the young boy whispered to the little baby girl as she stared at him quietly, almost as if she was trying to understand what was happening. The boy fell onto the ground, careful not to land on his baby sister. As everything began to turn black around the young brother, he heard the whirl of a motorcycle that Hagrid had told him that he would be riding while delivering Lily and James Potter's son. Hagrid jumped off of his motorcycle, carrying the young Potter boy as Dumbledore continued to fight the evil that had chased the brother all night.

The brave big brother stopped breathing.

Hagrid gasped at the sight and knelt beside the young dead child, tears springing from the giant man's eyes. He gently set the little baby boy, Harry Potter, beside the little baby girl, Chloe Johnson, as they slept soundlessly. Then everything was silent. Dumbledore ran over to the children and Hagrid, the only sound left was Hagrid's soft sobs. The powerful wizard looked down at the horrible sight, unsure of what to say. He gently lay a hand on Hagrid's shoulder.

"I...I'm so sorry." Dumbledore said as the giant man as Hagrid held the boy in his arms.

"H-he w-was me best f-friend." Hagrid sobbed, his tears flowing like rivers. The two little babies lay beside them, breathing slowly as they slept through the whole ordeal. Chloe's eyes fluttered opened and she rolled onto her side, not making a sound. She looked at the little thing beside her that looked exactly like her accept it had dark little hair instead of blonde, and it had a scar on it's head.

A scar in the shape of a lightning bolt.

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