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It hit me. It finally hit me. My boyfriend cheated on me. I lay in my bed looking up knowing both of them are right up there. Nick,haley,zach, and ariel all laugh. Tears rush down my cheeks and i cover my face. The sound of his voice and how happy he is hurts me even more. Just like its not even hurting him.

Knock knock.

"Come in." I sit up amd wipe away the tears.

Rudan walks in and closes the door. I get up and run i to his arms.

"Calm down Cal." Je runs his hand threw my hair.

I sob into his shirt. We sit on my bed talking about it for about an hour. The door opens and i look over to see zach.

"Get out." I hiss.

"Babe let me e-" rudan gets up and says.

"Zach just go." He says in a harsh tone.

"And dont fucking call me babe."

"Come on baby lets go swim." Ariels voice comes from upstairs.

I cring and fall back onto my bed. Rudan kays next to me and i slowly fall asleep.

Short chapter sorry

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