New Years Eve

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WORST UPLOAD EVER!!!! I swear, this is just an awkward upload... unfortunately, I needed to get to this point in the story, so yeah sorry for the weirdness and unnatrural feeling.... or is it just me? GAH I DON'T KNOW.


            “Why do we need to celebrate a new year?” Brook asked as she carefully separated the eggs whites and yolk.

            “It’s supposed to mark change, a fresh slate, in a sense,” Lucy sighed dreamily, looking at the complex cake recipe pictures, already anticipating the taste of their pastry. “Any mistakes that you made this year seem to have disappeared, it’s really a refreshing event. Oh, you haven’t put the icing in the sun, have you?”

            “Of course not,” Brook snorted. She skillfully snuck a look at the bowl of creamy white stuff without Lucy’s noticing. Just in case.

            Suddenly, Eva was right behind her, looking over her shoulder. “Brook, Nathan’s being a jerk,” she whined, flapping her white, baggy sweater sleeves almost like a swan taking flight.

            When Brook finally got her heartbeat to slow down, she managed to ask what was going on. Eva replied that her lovely husband burned all of Brook’s lingerie to ashes.

            “Wha- I don’t own any-” Brook spluttered before Eva cut her off.

            “Well, you would have, anyway, if he didn’t completely destroy them!” she huffed. “Do you know how hard it was to get them?”

            “And I’m glad I did it,” a familiar voice growled. They both turned around to see Nathan leaning in the open doorway. “Brook isn’t suited for that kind of stuff.”

            “And what, I am?” Eva said, marching right up to him. Brook almost laughed when she saw the three inches’ difference in their heights.

            “You think you’re not?” he replied, raising an eyebrow.

            “Ooh,” Eva teased, poking his chest with a triumphant grin. “Somebody’s thinking dirty thoughts~”

            “You little-,” Nathan glared. He raised his hands and pulled at her cheeks, ignoring Eva’s yells. Brook felt her heart sink a little. She knew that they were just messing around, but… she clenched her hands to keep from making a face.

            Lucy shrieked, and Brook looked down to see what used to be an egg fall into the bowl, yolk, egg shell, and all. Perhaps making a fist with an egg in your palm wasn’t so smart after all.


            “Didn’t she seem kind of down?!” Eva hissed impatiently to Will, who was lolling on the couch, unconcerned as could be.

            “Not really,” he sighed for the millionth time. “And can we not talk about Brook and just focus on us? I finally get to spend some time alone with you and you’re ranting on about an indenture.”

            Eva twitched and her expression suddenly darkened. She walked over and sat perfectly balanced on the end of the couch arm, looking at her swinging feet. “There’s nothing to talk about.”

            Will closed his eyes and reached up. He pulled her sleeve towards him, gently dragging her arm over. Eva whipped her head around, eyebrow furrowed and ready to scold, when Will brought the backs of her slender fingers to his face.

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