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I sat down back on the portal. I looked at him. Sword in me. Almost dead. "Your losing your own life"he said. "I saving lives"I smiled. "You knew this was gonna happen. And you let it"he laughed. "What would I be. If I didn't save the ones I love. "I smiled.
Then the explosion
Then the light

A long time before

I woke up. I looked around. I looked at my sleeping husband. I got out of bed. Checked on the kids. At went to the beach. I looked at the moon. I felt the world shake. I saw him. "Hello"he smiled. "What do you want"I asked. "You dead. "He laughed. Then I woke up. I was still in my bed. I looked around. I guess it was a nightmare. I pinched myself just to make sure. I was awake. I went back to sleep. Thai time when I woke up Aaron was gone. I went to the kids room. Gone. I went downstairs and saw them eating breakfast. "Morning "I said. "Morning "levin smiled. "Hello beautiful "Aaron said. I smiled. I looked at Lilith ad she was eating. Malicac didn't touch his food. "What's wrong"I asked. "Stomach hurts"he said. I put my hand on his forehead and he was burning up. "Maybe you should go back to bed. "I said. I took him upstairs and he went to sleep. I went back downstairs and Levin was walking out the door. "Going on another date with Alexis. "I laughed. "Maybe"he said. "Have fun. Don't come back a father. I still young enough not to be a grandma yet"I laughed. "Same for me"Aaron smiled. Levin laughed and nodded. Then it was just me and Aaron. I let Lilith go with Zoey since Malachi is sick. "So what do you want to do"Aaron asked. "Go for a walk. "I said. "What about Malachi "he said. "I can get Kaitlynn to watch him"I said. I went to Kaitlynn and travis's house. Abby opened the door. "Hi"he said. "Hey. Where's your mom and dad"I asked. "They went on a walk "he said. "How long have they been gone"I asked. "About two hours"she said. I froze. Then laughed. Abby then got confused. "Wow. "I said. Then I heard laughing. I turned and saw Kaitlynn and Travis. Holding hands. And laughing. They froze when they saw me. "Hi"I smiled. "Hey. What's up"Kaitlynn said. "I wanted to know if you can watch Malachi for a while. Cause me and Aaron wanted to go on a walk"I said. She smiled. "What's wrong with Malachi "Travis asked. "He is really sick"I said. Then froze. "Aphmau"Kaitlynn said. I felt like something was wrong. "Aphmau"Kaitlynn said.
Third person
Kaitlynn kept yelling Aphmaus name. But Aphmau stayed frozen. She knew something was wrong.

But she didn't know what

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