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Bree Cooper is no stranger to the strange.

A thrill-seeker and a risk-taker, she has spent the majority of adulthood distracting her family from the truth. Some dirty laundry doesn't need airing and as of last July, Bree is turning her life around, though it's proving difficult when some things are resistant to change: a painful case of unrequited love, for example. Twelve months into her new life, ten months into a sensible job, and nine years into loving someone who won't love her back: something has to give. 

When she catches someone watching her from the building opposite, she does what any thrill-seeker does: she puts on a show. Only, she doesn't realise what she's letting herself into. Never before has Bree come across a challenge she can't handle.

Until now.

w a r n i n g s

+ sex
+ swearing

please note: everything I post is a first draft that has not been edited in the slightest so there may well be mistakes - I am not unaware of these!

this story also utilises the multimedia option for texts / messages etc, which do not load offline. i'm sorry about that! hopefully one day that will change but until then, you will not be able to see the multimedia while reading offline. you should still be able to understand the story!

- hen -

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