One - Faded Memories

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I hear the screams first.

Bloodcurdling and deadly. The kind that make your skin crawl.

Something is off. I feel, off. The blood rushing to my head has my eyes snapping open.

Lukewarm water is splashing beneath me and dragging the tips of my hair with it.

Every bone in my body aches, but I use all of my energy to find the restraint that is holding me in place.

I glance to the right, and it is apparent that I am on an airplane. The woman hanging next to me is deceased, a metal shard through her eye. Blood is dripping everywhere.

My hearing returns fully and it is utter chaos. I can hear a mixture of screams, cries, groans, and even explosions.

I try once more to free myself from my restraint, this time successfully, and I fall to the ceiling of the plane roughly. I hit the water with a slap, and I've never felt anything like it before.

I have a pounding migraine, and my muscles ache like a bitch...but surprisingly, I'm okay, all things considered.

Although the water isn't hot, the hairs on my head stick to my forehead and neck with a vengeance. It's humid. It doesn't take a scientist to determine that I am out of the country. My guess? Somewhere near the equator. Costa Rica? Peru, maybe?

I swim out of the plane through an emergency exit and realize the plane is in the ocean. Luckily dry land is only a couple of feet away. I check myself for injuries before taking a look around.

People are still screaming, the water is still rising, and I don't even know how I got here. I put that aside as I begin aiding people in safely getting off of the plane.

There are at least twenty dead and counting. By the time everyone is accounted for, there are only eight of us remaining.

I thought if I helped get everyone safe and accounted for, I might remember something, anything...but I'm drawing blanks.

No one looks familiar. I don't remember my own name, and fuck me if I can remember the last seventy two hours.

There is a young Hispanic male to my right, he can't be much older than twenty, and standing beside him is an elderly woman, in what I can only guess to be her early sixties. By the looks of it, they are familiar with one another. They both look battered, bruised, and panicked. There is dried blood smeared across their faces and tear stains down their cheeks. "What do we do now?" the older woman asks, clearly frightened. I swallow...I can't even remember my own name and yet they expect me to come up with some master plan? They have another thing coming for them.

I look up to the darkening sky and realize that we are losing our daylight. We don't know anything about our surroundings, or even how to maneuver in the darkness. "We need wood, lots of it. Gather it and meet back here, got it?"

The frightened pair nod eagerly and go scurrying off together in search of the item I requested.

There are three injured passengers who cannot be moved due to their injuries, so I head over to them to see how they are doing. The two remaining passengers are tending to their wounds when I approach. "How's it going over here?" I ask, eyeing the wounded.

The brunette turns around and something about her is familiar to me. It almost feels like déjà vu. I stare a little too long at the woman before she decides to fill the awkward silence. "It could be better. Were you able to locate any first aid kits?"

I shake my head. "Everything was destroyed in the explosions."

"What about the black box? Our only hope is to call for help."

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